Hogwarts Legacy

How to play and win Hogwarts Legacy? If you are a starter or finding it hard to go through the game, these guides and walkthroughs will help you.

After many years of development and plenty of controversies, Hogwarts Legacy has finally been released. Though some are choosing to boycott the title due to controversial comments made by the woman whose work helped to inspire it, others couldn’t be more excited to dive right in, and for very good reason. Review scores for the game have been incredibly impressive, with the average critic rating Hogwarts Legacy above 85%.

Most seem to be in agreement that Hogwarts Legacy is the best Harry Potter game ever made and the most impressive thing to come out of the franchise since the release of the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows more than a full decade ago. With this in mind, it’s the perfect game for those wishing to live out their childhood fantasies of being a witch or wizard and a highly entertaining title for everybody else.

1. Getting Started in Hogwarts Legacy

Given the broad demographic that the game aims to cater for, it should come as no surprise to learn that Hogwarts Legacy is full of tutorials, particularly during the opening stages of the story. As a result, most of the game’s core mechanics are fully explained in a very deliberate and easy-to-understand way, though that’s not to say that there aren’t still a few things that have the potential to confuse players.

Even after all of the tutorials, there’s a good chance that some players will be left with questions, either about how to do certain things or when certain mechanics become available. This section of Game Rant’s complete guide and walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy will provide how-to guides, tips and tricks to help players optimize their playstyle, and answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (1)How-to Guides

Tips & Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Main Story Guides & Walkthroughs

The main story of Hogwarts Legacy sees players take on the role of a young witch or wizard in the midst of a Goblin rebellion. As they explore the titular school of witchcraft and wizardry and the areas that surround it, they’ll find out about an ancient type of magic that had long been thought lost to the wizarding world. They’ll also be introduced to a huge cast of interesting original characters as they take classes, complete assignments for their professors, and learn powerful new spells that can help them on their journey.

The game’s narrative is broken up into 13 main story quests, with each consisting of several smaller sub-quests and missions. A lot of the objectives that players will be tasked with completing are relatively straightforward and shouldn’t require too much thought or effort, though there may be times when players find themselves struggling with a particularly tricky puzzle or enemy encounter. In these situations, Game Rant’s Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough and individual puzzle guides should come in handy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (2)Main Story Walkthrough

Individual Puzzle Guides

3. Side Quests & Relationship Quests

As is the case with most other modern open-world games, Hogwarts Legacy is full to the brim with side content. This serves not only as an excellent distraction for those looking to take a break from the main story, but also as a way to keep players busy long after they’ve completed it. There are more than 100 non-linear side quests in Hogwarts Legacy, meaning that those who plan on fully completing the game are going to have to set aside an awful lot of time.

Players will be able to start tackling side quests not long after their enrollment at Hogwarts, with more becoming available as they make their way through the main story. Some are relatively simple, with players simply needing to go to a location and find something, though others can be a lot more involved, requiring players to solve puzzles or defeat powerful foes. This section of the guide will include walkthroughs for some of the more difficult side quests and relationship quests.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (3)Side Quests

Relationship Quests

4. Spells & Talents

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (4)Spells are the bread and butter of any would-be witch or wizard, with players learning as many as 34 of them throughout the course of Hogwarts: Legacy. The vast majority of these are locked away behind Assignments and main story progress, though others, such as the three Unforgivable Curses, can be learned by completing some of the game’s many side and relationship quests.

Understanding how to use each spell and when exactly in the game they become available will be important to players, particularly those playing on harder difficulty settings. Others may just be curious to learn when they’ll get a chance to use all of their favorite spells, or which Talents they should unlock first to best complement them. To that end, this section of the guide should be a big help.

5. Items & Potions

Potion-making plays an important role in Hogwarts Legacy, with players needing to brew and use potions for several of the game’s Assignments. They can also be incredibly useful in combat though, particularly when up against some of the more challenging enemies that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer and while playing on the game’s hardest difficulty setting.

Unfortunately, brewing potions means finding ingredients, some of which can be incredibly hard to come by. This section of the guide will focus on where players can find some of these rare ingredients as well as the locations of other key items, while also providing information about all of the potions in Hogwarts Legacy and how exactly players can go about brewing them.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (5)Potions

Items & Ingredients

6. Gear Guides & Collectibles

Being able to customize the playable character’s outfit is an important part of Hogwarts Legacy for many players, but there’s actually a lot more to Gear than just cosmetic flair. In addition to using it to change their appearance, players can use certain pieces of Gear to boost the stats of their character, which can be incredibly useful later on during some of the game’s more challenging combat encounters.

Gear can be bought from stores or found hidden inside some of the many chests in and around Hogwarts. That’s not all that players can find hidden throughout the iconic wizarding school either, with the castle also home to plenty of collectibles. These mainly come in the form of Field Guide pages, of which there are 150. This section of the guide will be dedicated to Gear guides as well as Field Guide page locations.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (6)


Field Guide Pages

Merlin Trials

  • Clagmar Coast
  • Cragcroftshire
  • Feldcroft Region
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Hogsmeade Valley
  • Hogwarts Valley
  • Manor Cape
  • Marunweem Lake
  • North Hogwarts
  • Poidsear Coast
  • South Hogwarts
  • South Sea Bog
  • North Ford Bog
  • Gear Guides
  • Gear Rarity, Explained
  • How to Change Outfits & Appearance
  • How to Wear Robe Hoods
  • How to Customize Wands
  • How to Get Every Wand Handle
  • How to Unlock More Gear and Storage Slots
  • How to Upgrade Gear
  • How to Sell Gear and Other Items
  • How to Reroll Items in Chests
  • How to Get Every Broom

7. Location Guides

Being set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, it’s only natural that some players are going to want to track down their favorite locations from the iconic books and movies. This could mean searching out the Gryffindor common room where Ron and Harry became such good friends or taking a trip down to the gamekeeper’s hut that Hagrid will someday come to call home.

There are also plenty of brand-new locations created specifically for the game, many of which are well worth seeking out and contain secrets that players definitely won’t want to miss. This section of the guide will focus on these points of interest; namely, key locations that players may want to visit and miscellaneous puzzles that can be found scattered around the map.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (7)Places of Interest

  • How to Find Dogweed and Deathcap
  • How to Find the Room of Requirement
  • How to Reach the Highest Point in the Castle
  • How to Find Hagrid’s Hut
  • How to Find All Four Common Rooms
  • How to Find the Dark Arts Arena
  • How to Find the Chamber of Secrets Bathroom
  • Where To Find The Deathday Party Room
  • Where To Find The Hogwarts Kitchen
  • How to Get to the Hospital Wing
  • How to Find Hogsmeade Station
  • Where to Find the Sleeping Dragon Statue
  • Landing Platform Locations

Location Puzzles

  • How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle
  • How to Solve the Tomb of the Villager Puzzle
  • How to Solve the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle
  • How to Enter the Treasure Vault With the Fire Symbol in South Hogwarts

Merlin Trials

  • Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials
  • Feldcroft Region Merlin Trials
  • Cragcroftshire Merlin Trials
  • Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials
  • Manor Cape Merlin Trials
  • South Hogwarts Merlin Trials
  • South Sea Bog Merlin Trials
  • Hogwarts Valley Merlin Trials
  • Forbidden Forest Merlin Trials
  • Poidsear Coast Merlin Trials
  • North Hogwarts Merlin Trials
  • North Ford Bog Merlin Trials
  • Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials

8. Beasts & Enemies

Despite Beasts being a hugely important part of the Harry Potter universe, it won’t be until the midway point of the game that Hogwarts Legacy players get a chance to interact with them properly. Once they do though, they’ll not only be able to rescue Beasts and keep them in the Room of Requirement but also breed them in order to farm certain potion-making ingredients.

Unfortunately, figuring out where exactly to find every Beast in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t easy, nor are all of the magical creatures that players can encounter tameable. In fact, a lot of the toughest enemies in Hogwarts Legacy are magical beasts of some kind, such as Dugbogs and Trolls. This section of the guide will cover rescuable Beasts as well as hostile ones, and also a few of the game’s other enemy types.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide & Walkthrough (8)Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

  • How To Catch Shiny Beasts
  • How to Rescue Beasts
  • How to Breed Beasts
  • Where to Find Unicorns
  • Where to Find Diricawls
  • Where to Find Phoenixes
  • Where to Find Thestrals
  • Where to Find a Female Graphorn
  • Where to Find Hippogriffs
  • Where to Find Fwoopers
  • Where to Find Jobberknolls
  • Where to Find Mooncalves
  • Where to Find Puffskeins
  • Where To Find Kneazles
  • Where to Find Nifflers

Enemy Guides

  • All Infamous Foe Locations
  • How to Beat Dugbogs
  • How to Break Pensieve Guardian Orbs
  • How to Beat Ashwinder Duelists
  • Where To Find The Grim