6 Must Known Tips For Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy

Get battle-ready in Hogwarts Legacy with these 6 helpful tips for the arena.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most interesting and wide-spanning releases that gamers have seen in years. With minimal bugs or problems on release, particularly for such a massive game, there are only a few problems that players have come up with to speak against the success the game is currently enjoying.

One of these is the lack of battle arenas that are currently available in the game. While there are three of these arenas where players can face waves of enemies spread across the map, only two are available in the standard game. The Dark Arts Battle Arena is only available in the Deluxe Edition. Fortunately, players are learning how to master these arenas in various ways, while hoping more are made available when DLC content arrives.

6. Protego Talents

It’s no secret that attempting battle arenas isn’t a smart idea early in Hogwarts Legacy. It is generally a much better idea to wait until players have managed to start amassing talent points and gaining better skills. One of the things that players will need to focus their talent points on if they intend to take on mass numbers of enemies in battle arenas is the talents available that improve protego.

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Players can parry most attacks with the defensive protego spell from early in Hogwarts Legacy. However, getting the timing right for perfect blocks can be huge. Core talents such as Protego Absorption, Protego Expertise, and Protego Mastery can help strike back at attacking enemies. Players can also use stupefy on attacking enemies that they block with protego automatically, so core talents like Stupefy Mastery and Stupefy Expertise can help massively. In battle arenas, players are against many enemies at once, and taking some of them out of the battle even for a short time is very valuable. Protego is certainly an underrated Hogwarts Legacy spell.

5. Combinations

It should go without saying, but combining a series of spells together can be an extremely useful way to deal massive damage in Hogwarts Legacy battle arenas. While players may be tempted to try and hit several enemies with successive spells, the best way to survive a battle arena wave is to focus on finishing one enemy at once.

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If players can take out an enemy in a flurry of attacks while dodging the offense of other enemies, they will be better off and have a better chance of staying on their feet. Sticking to one enemy until they are out of commission, particularly the dark wizards who will frequently attack with their own dangerous spells, is a good piece of advice for anyone attempting a battle arena. Spells such as expelliarmus are particularly great for just delaying some dark wizard enemies.

4. Save Ancient Magic

The ancient magic meter will build quickly in battle arena situations. Players are constantly using spells and the simpler, basic casts they use, the quicker ancient magic will drop and fill the meter. But while players may be tempted to save their ancient magic throws for the largest enemies, a great trick is to use these powerful shots on medium-strength enemies such as dugbogs or strong dark wizards.

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These are the enemies who are difficult to get rid of and more numerous. In a battle arena, players should always remember that their greatest difficulty is the sheer number of enemies, so taking out enemies with ancient magic power is better than weakening a strong enemy slightly. Players should also use ancient magic hotspots to increase the amount their meter can hold at once.

3. Stealth Can Work

Players might imagine that it is impossible to use stealth in a situation where all the enemies are being beamed in specifically to kill the player. However, this can actually work, particularly if players gather the four stealth talents which are available after the talent tree is unlocked. Without these, the stealth in-game is pretty much useless.

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Once players have leveled up this element of their Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, they should feel free to make use of it in the battle arena. At the beginning of a wave, particularly the first one, using disillusionment gives players a chance to get some petrificus totalus shots in and make short work of some enemies.

2. Curses Are Huge

Curses are a very valuable part of Hogwarts Legacy. Players can tackle and successfully beat battle arenas without gaining any of the unforgivable curses. However, they will be useful, and the dark arts talent set can help players to use cursing as a major part of their arsenal. Dark arts talents such as Blood Curse, Enduring Curse, and Curse Sapper can make curses a massive part of a player’s arsenal.

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These talents make all cursed opponents take damage when one of them is hit, help the player regain health when cursed opponents are killed, and make curses last longer. The other dark arts talents help by having other spells curse opponents, making it all the easier to string together mass amounts of damage all at once by cursing the whole field in a battle arena.

1. Consumables

One of the stranger methods which Hogwarts Legacy players have been using to defeat mass numbers of enemies at once are some of the consumables available in the game. For instance, the Chinese Chomping Cabbage, proven to have more use than is almost imaginable, can provide great assistance by attacking enemies viciously and is part of a hugely overpowered build.

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Other plants like the Mandrake can be particularly great for dealing with multiple enemies. Potions are also huge, with Wiggenweld’s obviously being a must for healing players throughout a battle arena. Thunderbrew potions are also massive for the battle arena, as taking one of these potions will cause a thunderstorm to do damage around the player to all enemies for thirty seconds. With Room of Requirement talents to strengthen the effects of these consumables, players need hardly cast a spell to win a battle arena.

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