Guide for Hogwarts Legacy: Complete the First Keeper Trial

In this chapter of Hogwarts Legacy, players prepare for the first Keeper Trial and unlock many of the game’s systems.

Guide for Hogwarts Legacy: Complete the First Keeper Trial

In this chapter of Hogwarts Legacy, players spend some time attending classes and engaging with normal school life at Hogwarts before Professor Fig’s return with the needed book allowing players to continue the Ancient Magic investigations properly.

This is also a chapter of Hogwarts Legacy where players gain access to much quicker and easier methods of exploring the world. It also finally unlocks the game’s customizable headquarters/workshop: The Room of Requirement.

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Attend Flying Class

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This lesson begins with players learning how to summon the broom to their hands, which will only be used in this class. Follow the on-screen prompt after Kogawa is finished demonstrating, and Kogawa will soon ask players to take on a flying course.

There’s no time limit here, making this an excellent opportunity to familiarize players with the controls. After the first course, players are taught how to fly faster and take on another course, which leads them on a flight around the school grounds.

At this point, a Ravenclaw Student named Everett Clopton suggests a detour to tour the castle more thoroughly, deviating from Kogawa’s course. This also allows Everett to teach players how to boost on the broom, increasing their speed even further, though the flight is soon interrupted by Kogawa’s whistle, signaling the end of the class.

After a quick lecture on following instructions, Kogawa concludes the class. This unlocks the ability to purchase Brooms in Hogsmeade, which will also start the Broom Upgrading side quests.

Meet Professor Weasley in the Seventh Floor Corridor (The Room of Requirement)

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This quest begins with Professor Weasley asking the player to meet with her, offering to show them a place where they can practice their spells in private. Arriving ahead of the Professor, our protagonist accidentally opens up the Room of Requirement. The Professor arrives and invites them to head inside.

The room is currently a vast chamber of lost and forgotten objects that players might be familiar with from the films, and Professor Weasley offers to teach them the spell “Evanesco” to vanish a large pile of chairs blocking the path forward. Complete the spell minigame and test out the spell, removing the chairs and granting some Moonstones in return.

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Professor Weasley is distracted by the discovery of her old school bag and suggests players continue exploring without her while she checks on its contents. Vanish the next pile of chairs and pull the box beyond it with Accio to use it as a platform to climb up above for a chest.

Continue down the path, vanish some more stairs, and duck through the gap behind them to get further into the room and proceed until a portrait suggests, “Summon Your Wits and Find Out.”

Pull the box on the right of the portrait out of the way to enter the space behind it, and summon the box on the left after entering, so it’s up against the wooden fence. Then players should head back to the portrait and summon the box with the chest on it towards themselves (on the left of the portrait).

After this, players will need to cast Levioso on the box with the chest, head back into the space from before, and pull it towards them with Accio so it’s hovering above the second box. Finally, players should go and grab the box that was originally blocking the way in, pull it through the gap, cast Levioso on it, and climb up on top of it to reach the chest.

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After that, players just need to progress onward to find Deek the House Elf, at which point Professor Weasley will catch up. She and Deek will help the player change the room into a form more useful for studying and then teach the player all the necessary steps to customize it however they wish via a tutorial segment.

Learn a Curse with Sebastian (In The Shadow of The Undercroft)

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The final objective for this chapter is to engage in the long-standing Hogwarts tradition of practicing forbidden magic behind the Professor’s back. Sebastian wants to help with this by showing where to find a secret room ideal for practicing dark magic away from prying eyes.

The Undercroft is a hidden chamber that Sebastian learned about from his friend Ominis Gaunt, and he’d very much appreciate it if players don’t let Ominis find out Sebastian told anyone where it is. Sebastian intends to teach our protagonist Confringo, a blasting curse that can launch an explosive flame bolt over a long distance.

After completing the spell minigame, players are tasked with lighting some candelabra around the Undercroft to show they’ve learned the spell properly. The ensuing conversation with Sebastian has him suggesting the protagonist comes to meet his Sister sometime since it would probably cheer her up.

After leaving the Undercroft, players immediately run into Ominis, who assumes Sebastian told them and seems very upset, though players can attempt to convince him Sebastian had nothing to do with it.

This ends the chapter, and soon it’ll be time to actually take on the Keeper Trial. Amusingly, despite the chapter name, this chain of quests ends just before taking Professor Fig to the Map room and actually starting the trials.