Tips to Complete Kidnapped Cabbages in Hogwarts Legacy

The Kidnapped Cabbages side quest sees Hogwarts Legacy players attempting to track down two crates of carnivorous cabbages as a favor to a merchant. Learn more about the tips to Complete Kidnapped Cabbages in Hogwarts Legacy in the section below.

Tips to Complete Kidnapped Cabbages in Hogwarts Legacy

Once they’ve completed the Find The Secret in the Restricted Section main story mission, Hogwarts Legacy players will gain access to a bunch of new side quests. One of these quests, “Kidnapped Cabbages,” can be triggered in the hamlet of Brocburrow and requires players to track down a shipment of missing Chinese Chomping Cabbages and deliver them to their rightful owner.

The quest becomes available once players have reached Level 10 and can be activated by speaking with Eddie Thistlewood: a merchant who can be found selling his wares in Brocburrow, which is in the Hogwarts Valley area to the southeast of the iconic wizarding school. To complete the quest, Hogwarts Legacy players will need to find two missing crates of cabbages and take them to Eddie’s client Bernard.

How to Complete the Kidnapped Cabbages Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

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After accepting the “Kidnapped Cabbages” side quest, players will need to follow the quest marker southwest until they come to a poacher’s camp. It’s about 1,150 meters away from Brocburrow, so players may want to wait until after they’ve unlocked the broomstick mechanic before making their way there, as traveling on foot can take quite a while. However they choose to get there, they’ll need to kill the poachers and pick up the crate of cabbages upon their arrival.

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Once players have retrieved the first crate, the quest marker will be updated to reveal the location of the second one. It’s another kilometer or so from the poacher’s camp, so, again, players will probably want to travel there by broomstick, assuming, that is, that they haven’t already explored the western side of Hogwarts Valley and unlocked a couple of Floo Flames locations for fast travel.

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Upon arriving at the second location, Hogwarts Legacy players will need to take out a bunch of Goblin Loyalists before they can start looking for the crate behind the tent.

Thankfully, like the last one, it’s fairly easy to find as the area marked on the map is pretty small. That said, those having trouble can cast Revelio in order to make life easier for themselves. This will make the outline of the crate glow yellow, which, in turn, makes finding it a lot simpler.

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With both crates now recovered, players can deliver them to Bernard Ndiaye in Feldcroft, which, thankfully, just so happens to be right next to the location of the second crate of cabbages. Doing so will see players rewarded with 180 XP, as well as the Herbology Tools collection item. This can be used in the Room of Requirement, though only after players have unlocked it as part of the main story.