Quest Guide for the Shadow Of Hope in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy’s In the Shadow of Hope quest allows players to meet Sebastian’s sister and explain to her all about the Relic.

Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of Distance side quest leaves players waiting for Sebastian Owl Post. The Slytherin student ends the quest by telling players that he has sent a handmade Crest to Anne, so she knows he needs to meet her to discuss his plan.

Quest Guide for the Shadow Of Hope in Hogwarts Legacy

The boy proceeds to explain that in the meantime, he will learn more about the Relic and Catacomb from the Slytherin Spellbook in Hogwarts Legacy. After some time passes, players will receive Sebastian’s Owl Post and will be able to begin In the Shadow of Hope quest. To locate Sebastian and his sister, players need to travel to the siblings’ Hamlet in the Feldcroft Region.

In The Shadow Of Hope Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

Quest Guide for the Shadow Of Hope in Hogwarts Legacy (1)

To trigger the In the Shadow of Hope side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players must complete the In the Shadow of Distance Relationship quest and Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial main quest. During Sebastian’s last encounter in the Undercroft, he asks players to wait while he tries to figure out how to talk to Anne without his uncle knowing. In the course of the waiting period, players can wander the vast lands of Hogwarts, explore abandoned castles, or raid a few camps in Hogwarts Legacy.

After receiving Sebastian’s Owl Post, the protagonist travels to Feldcroft Region Floo Flame to meet up with him and his sister Anne in Hogwarts Legacy. Upon arriving at the Feldcroft Hamlet, people will find Anne in the middle of a conversation with her brother. Sebastian will be telling his sister about the Relic, and Anne will be distressed that it needs a Dark Sacrifice.

The Slytherin student reassures and convinces her that it’s worth the risk. However, Anne is not convinced and proceeds to ask if Ominis knows about all of this. Sebastian assures her that Ominis does know and that he assisted Sebastian in finding the Slytherin Spellbook in Hogwarts Legacy. Upon hearing that Ominis is on board, Anne is quick to join the cause and tells her brother that they only have a little time, as Solomon is planning to move out of Feldcroft. This news throws Sebastian off, but he quickly snaps out of it and tells Anne to stall her uncle.

After his sister returns home, players can talk to Sebastian and learn about everything he has discovered. Having cross-referenced the Slytherin Spellbook with everything that is in the Library on Dark Sacrifices and Relics, Sebastian explains that he has found more about the Relic, concluding that the object will only work in the Catacomb.

Here players have two choices; This is more complicated than we thought or we can do this. No matter the decision, the quest will continue, and Sebastian will get the task of persuading Ominis to join their Hogwarts Legacy Catacomb adventure, as Anne won’t do it without him.