Hogwarts Legacy: Easy Tips to Play and Win – How to Guides (P2)

Let’s continue with Hogwarts Legacy’s comprehensive guide to help you become the strongest wizard.

6. How to Level Up Fast

Leveling up is an essential part of most RPG games and that is the case for Hogwarts Legacy. The game offers a diversity of options to level up and get more powerful like completing main and side quests.

However, players can make it easier if they diverge from these quests to indulge in the exploring experience of Hogwarts Legacy. Doing so will leave players with numerous options to raise their level and reputation in the game. Completing these side challenges will make players stand out and become difficult opponents in front of other wizards and witches.

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To level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to earn XP by mainly focusing on completing the Wizards’ Field Guide challenges and competing in Battle Arenas. Another way to get XP is by finishing main story quests, and side tasks.

Wizard Field Guide Challenges

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The Wizards’ Field Guide is the book Professor Weasley hands out to players, so they can track their learning journey in Hogwarts Legacy. This book was designed by the ministry to help wizards and witches who are behind in their magic studies catch up. Inside the Wizards’ Field Guide, players can find all sorts of challenges to complete and level up rapidly. These challenges fall under the following categories:

  • Combat
  • Quests
  • Exploration
  • Field Guide Pages
  • Room of Requirement

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The combat challenges mainly focus on defeating all kinds of enemies in Hogwarts Legacy. The Exploration challenges vary and fall under various challenges like collecting ancient magic traces, popping balloons, completing the Merlin Trial, and solving Hogwarts secrets. The Quests and Field Guide Pages are self-explanatory, while the Room of Requirement is where players can care for beasts and upgrade their Gear.

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Collecting the Field Guide Pages is the fastest and easiest way to level up. To collect them all, players need to learn multiple Spells like:

  • Revelio: Highlights interactive items like puzzles, Field Guide Pages, chests, and statues
  • Lumos: Leads the lost moths to their frames in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Accio: Pull the flying Field Guide Pages toward the protagonist
  • Levioso: Used on some statues to obtain a Field Guide Page
  • Reparo: Repair broken objects
  • Incendio: Light up certain objects.

It is essential for players to focus on exploring the vast lands of Hogwarts if they wish to level up rapidly. Amid the exploration journey, players can find different puzzles to solve, locked chests to open, and lost Pages to collect, which will help raise their level quickly. It should be noted that completing these challenges rewards players with various items and Gear.

Battle Arenas

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The Battle Arenas are where players have to survive the waves of enemies. It is a great way to earn XP quickly and a great place for players to explore different Spell combos. The Arenas are located in three locations; two of them are free to play, while The Dark Arts Battle Arena is available for players who purchased Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition.

7. How to Get Money Fast

In the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy, players have access to many wonderful artifacts and spells to complete their objectives. However, players will also find that Galleons make that magic happen. Purchasing spellcrafts, potion ingredients, and gear are the most common uses for Galleons. But these Galleons can be difficult to find in the early game, making it more difficult to progress.

There are, however, some things that players can do to acquire more money quickly and easily. Here is how players can make money quickly in Hogwarts Legacy.

Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy

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In Hogwarts Legacy, the currency that the game uses are Galleons. Kept in Gringotts, these golden coins are used throughout the magical world to buy and sell goods and are the coins with the highest value in the world of Harry Potter. As it turns out, being in the past does not exclude players from needing Galleons.

Much of the gear requires a large number of Galleons to buy, and players may prefer to purchase their potion ingredients instead of growing them in pots. Then there are the spellcrafts, recipes that players can use to build structures in the room of requirement. Many of these spellcrafts can cost several thousand Galleons, necessitating that players acquire Galleons quickly. Luckily, there are a few methods to make money in the lands surrounding Hogwarts.

Selling Gear

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An effective means of acquiring Galleons throughout the game is the selling of gear items. Players only have a limited number of slots to hold gear, at least at first. While this limit can be increased by completing the Merlin Trials, players will still eventually need to sell gear.

This gear will be acquired in great numbers just by playing the game and looting chests and defeating enemies. This abundance of stuff to sell allows it to be a consistent means of acquiring Galleons throughout the game. But sometimes players will need that extra boost, and they can turn to the many beasts to make more money.

Making Money with Beasts

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As players progress in the game, they will have the ability to catch and rescue beasts throughout the lands of Hogwarts. In an ironic twist, Hogwarts Legacy allows players to make money by rescuing animals instead of poaching them. In an attempt to stop the various witches and wizards that are out to capture and harm animals, Deek the House elf will task the player with rescuing those same creatures.

Once they are in the player’s possession, players can either take them to the Room of Requirement to provide crafting materials, or they can be sold. The Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade will purchase animals from players for a decent amount of Galleons, based on the type of beast being sold. Further, players can breed these animals to make baby versions of them, and then sell the babies to make more Galleons.

Eye Chests

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Another method involves exploring around the world for large treasure chests with eyes placed on the front of them. Players that have the Disillusionment Charm can use it to sneak up on these chests. Once done, players will be rewarded with a decent sum of Galleons, making it a good early-game option to acquire more money.

As players progress, it may become less efficient to seek these chests out. However, the chests are still a good means of earning bonus Galleons whenever players loot them when passing by. These methods should allow players to earn themselves Galleons whenever money is tight, getting them back to the adventure quickly.

8. How to Pick Locks

Similar to many other action-RPGs with lockpicking, Hogwarts Legacy has a mini-game players need to complete to get through locks. The left stick controls the green light, while the right stick controls the red light. The green light rotates the outer rim of the locking mechanism, while the red light manipulates the inner room. The goal is to rotate the outer rim to the exact right spot so the devices in the bottom right-hand corner of the lock start spinning. While keeping the outer rim in place, repeat the process with the inner rim, except this time the goal is to find the spot that makes the gears in the center of the lock rotate. If done properly, the lock should pop open.

How to Upgrade Alohomora and Unlock Level 2 and 3 Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

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Just like Hogwarts Legacy players can upgrade their broom, they can also upgrade Alohomora. Upgrading Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy is a simple matter of collecting Demiguise Statues and turning them into Gladwin moon. Demiguise Statues are located throughout Hogwarts castle and the open world at large, with the player character making a comment whenever one is near. When players have located a Demiguise Statue, they need to wait until nighttime to claim it for their collection.

Upgrading Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy lets players unlock Level 2 and 3 locks. Going through the trouble of unlocking these doors typically rewards players with some high-value loot, allowing them to get better gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

9. How to Solve Arithmancy Door Puzzles

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There are three steps to solving Arithmancy door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, the first of which is to properly understand the code. Thankfully, it’s actually a fairly straightforward one, with each of the number puzzle doors providing players with the solution in plain sight. Around the edge of every door’s frame, players will see 10 images, each one representing a different number, with a unicorn being one, a spider depicting eight, and so on. From left to right, the pictures here represent the numbers zero through nine.

Note: There’s a scrap of paper explaining the Arithmancy door code in a chest near the Divination classroom, which is found in the Library Annex area of Hogwarts. However, players do not actually need to find the Arithmancy study guide page in order to be able to open the doors.

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Once they understand the code, players can interact with the door to reveal its secrets. This will present players with two mathematical questions, with players then having to choose the two images needed to complete the equation. Effectively, they’ll need to make it so that the numbers and images around the outside add up to equal the number in the middle. For example, if the number in the middle is 11 and the outer circles contain the number two, a picture of a spider (eight), and a question mark, players will need to turn the nearby question mark dial until it reveals a unicorn (one).

Note: Images representing even numbers and zero will always appear on the left dial, while images representing odd numbers will always appear on the dial on the right. As such, players can deduce that ? must always be even or zero and ?? must always be odd.

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The next step is to actually find the two dials, one of which will begin on a single question mark (?) and the other one starting on two (??). Players will then need to turn these dials until they show the correct pictures needed to complete the two equations, after which, interacting with the door again will cause it to open. Players can then gain access to the chests inside, some of which can contain cosmetic items and gear. The two dials that players need to turn may be right next to the door, but they can sometimes be hidden in adjoining rooms or even on the floors above or below.

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