Hogwarts Legacy: Easy Tips to Play and Win – How to Guides (P1)

Here are all must known beginners tips before getting into wizard world of Hogwarts Legacy.

1. How to Save in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is far from a short game, with its main story clocking in at around 25 hours and side content pushing that total up toward the 50-hour mark. With this in mind, figuring out how to save the game should be right at the top of most players’ to-do lists, as very few people will be able to complete the main story in a single sitting.

How to Save the Game

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Thankfully, creating a manual save in Hogwarts Legacy is incredibly straightforward and can be done at just about any point outside of cut-scenes. To save the game, players will simply need to press the pause button, which, by default, will take them to the “Save/Load and Exit” tab. From here, they’ll be able to save or load the game, exit to the main menu, or restart from the last checkpoint.

How Many Save Slots Are There in Hogwarts Legacy?

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During a normal playthrough, players will have access to ten save slots. This may seem like a lot at first, but given that there are more than 40 main story missions in Hogwarts Legacy, players may want to use these sparingly, creating a new file every four or five missions. Of course, some may only want access to the last few missions, in which case, they can just create a new save whenever they need to and then overwrite older files once they start to run out of space.

Can I Create More Than One Character in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Unlike a lot of other video games with character creation options, Hogwarts Legacy players will be able to create multiple characters. To be more precise, players will be able to have up to four different characters on their system at any given time, allowing them to have a character in all four of the Hogwarts houses. Each of these characters will have ten save slots available to them, meaning that there are technically forty save slots in total.

2. How to Report Bugs?

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world game that will indeed have some bugs here and there, especially until the developers release patches after launch. With so many things for players to do and areas to explore, players will no doubt run into some issues that can affect gameplay and/or progression. To help out the Hogwarts Legacy development team, fans can go online and report bugs that may or may not get fixed. Still, for those that would like to support the community and report an issue, just follow these steps.

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  • The first thing players should do to report a bug in Hogwarts Legacy is to head to this official Warner Bros. website.
  • Click on the ‘Report a Bug‘ button at the top of the website.
  • Before proceeding, Harry Potter fans need to connect a free WB Games Account. Input your email and password, and then hit ‘Sign in.’ For those without an account, click on ‘Create an Account.’
  • After players are logged into the site, click on this link to go to the bug report page.
  • There’s a lot of information that players will need to fill out so that the development team can fully understand the issue happening in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Choose your platform, input the bug title, put a bug description, and continue to fill out the specifics of where the bug happened and when. Warner Bros. also asks players to provide proof of the bug, whether it’s an in-game screenshot or a gameplay recording.

Note: Warner Bros. notes that players should check existing bug reports before starting a new report. If players find another report that’s similar to the bug they experienced, they can upvote it and leave comments. The more upvotes and comments a bug report has, the more likely it is to be noticed and addressed by Avalanche. Also, please make sure to only report one bug a day.

3. How to Fast Travel

As fans of the Harry Potter franchise will know all too well, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a pretty big place. As such, getting around the castle in Hogwarts Legacy can be pretty tiresome, not to mention a little confusing due to its many winding corridors and its multi-leveled design. Thankfully, there is a way around this.

Following its introduction around the turn of the century, the fast travel mechanic has become a staple of open-world video games and is put to good use in Hogwarts Legacy. Players will unlock fast travel fairly early on in the game and will be able to use it to get from one side of the castle to the other in a matter of seconds

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Players will unlock fast travel during the “Attend Your First Fay at Hogwarts” section of the game. After leaving their common room and meeting up with Professor Weasley, they’ll eventually come to their first Floo Flames location, which will trigger the fast travel tutorial. It’s all fairly straightforward, but for those having trouble, fast traveling in Hogwarts Legacy is as simple as opening up the map in the Wizard’s Field Guide and selecting any of the previously visited Floo Flames Locations from the list.

How to Unlock New Fast Travel Points in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unlocking new fast-travel locations in Hogwarts Legacy is as simple as walking past an undiscovered Floo Flames location. These are scattered right throughout Hogwarts, meaning that players will be unlocking them left, right, and center as they play through the main story and explore more of the castle. The game even lists undiscovered fast travel locations, meaning that players can get a pretty good idea of how much of an area they’ve explored just by looking at their field guide.

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It’s important to note that not all Floo Flames locations are available right away, with some hidden away behind locked doors. As players complete more main story quests and unlock new parts of the school though, they should have no trouble finding them all. Until then, there are Floo Flames locations outside near every key location. What’s more, there are so many of them that the player’s next objective will rarely be more than a minute or two from a fast travel point that they’ve already unlocked.

4. How to Wait and Advance Time

In the open-world game based on the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts Legacy, players have a large degree of freedom when it comes to exploring the lands that surround the iconic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This freedom means that players can move about at their own pace, gathering ingredients and learning different spells on a schedule that suits their play style. Along with that freedom, the game includes a day-night cycle that governs certain aspects of the game world itself, such as when certain quests can be done and which events will start. As such, the game includes a waiting system that allows players to pass the time whenever they need it.

Time in Hogwarts Legacy

The time of day is important in Hogwarts Legacy. This is mostly due to the fact that it governs when certain quests can be taken and when certain events can take place. This allows for the world to feel more alive than if everything was static, but also means that players will need to approach things at different times depending on their objective. For example, the quest Ghost of Our Love will need to be started at night before players can continue.

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Alongside the change in scenery caused by the shifting of time, certain classes may be scheduled for different times and different locations during the start of the players’ adventure at Hogwarts.

Players will find that they may be required to approach things at different times to accomplish all of their objectives for their adventure, so it is important for players to know how to pass time in-game.

Passing the Time in Hogwarts Legacy

Waiting in Hogwarts Legacy is not extremely complicated, but without a dedicated button for the wait command, players will be required to take a few extra steps compared to other open-world games.

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The first thing players will have to do is to open up the map in their Hogwarts Field Guide. Once on the map screen, players will notice that there is a legend on the bottom right-hand side of the screen that lists a series of input commands.

One of these commands will be the wait command, allowing players to wait to pass the time in the game.

Waiting for Quests

Another means of waiting involves the many quests in the game. When players approach the glowing circle that indicates the start of the quest, but they are either too late or too early, Hogwarts Legacy will ask players if they would like to wait and begin the quest.

This means that quests allow players to start them immediately, without the need to enter the map menu and wait to start the quest. This allows the game to progress in a manner that feels much smoother and more immersive.

5. How to Sprint?

Hogwarts Legacy is the first truly open-world Harry Potter game set at Hogwarts in a time before the main series of books and films, specifically 100 years before The Sorcerers Stone, in the late 1800s.

After booting up Hogwarts Legacy for the first time, players will be quickly introduced to a character named Fig, a professor at Hogwarts. He will take the main character to Gringotts bank to open up Vault 12 with a mysterious key. At first, players can only move at a slightly normal pace, but there is a way to sprint in Hogwarts Legacy, and here’s a guide to explain how to do it.

How to Run in Hogwarts Legacy

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To get around a little bit faster around Hogwarts, Hogwarts Legacy players can sprint by pressing L3, which is the left control stick on any gaming controller. By clicking into the stick, players can run –and there doesn’t seem to be any limit on how long players can run, as long as they aren’t in the middle of an important conversation or event that prevents sprinting.

This will work for both PlayStation and Xbox gamers, as both controllers have a proper left stick that’s clickable. The same goes for those playing Hogwarts Legacy on the Nintendo Switch once that version is available later this year.

For Hogwarts Legacy players on PC, make sure to check out your keybinds to see which key activates the sprint mechanic.

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Other Hogwarts Legacy Button Controls

And for those looking for a list of every button (and what it does) on the PS5 controller, check it out below:

  • Options Button – Access Field Guide
  • Touchpad – Access Map
  • L1 + R1 – Ancient Magic
  • R2 (Hold) – Activate Spell Set
  • R2 (Tap) – Basic Cast
  • R2 + X Circle Triangle Square – Use Actions
  • R2 + Directional pad – Select Spell Set
  • R1 – Ancient Magic Throw
  • Triangle – Tap for Protego, Hold for Block and Stupefy
  • Circle – Dodge Roll
  • X – Jump
  • Square – Interact
  • Right Stick – Move camera
  • Left stick – move character
  • R3 – Enable/disable lock-on
  • L3 – Sprint
  • L2 (Hold) – Aim
  • L1 – Hold to Open Tool Wheel, Tap to Use Tool
  • Up on the d-pad – Tap for Charmed Compass, Hold for Quest Info
  • Down on the d-pad – Heal
  • Left on the d-pad – Revelio
  • Right on the d-pad – Spell Menu

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