Hogwarts Legacy: Easy Tips to Play and Win – How to Guides (P3)

The Hogwarts Legacy guide series has not ended yet. Let’s read and discover more useful tips to go through the game.

10. How To Open Chests With Eyes

It’s crucial that players know how to unlock the chests with eyes as it rewards a decent amount of money in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the wonderful world of Hogwarts Legacy, players can find all types of spells and potions to help make the journey a bit easier. One of the many challenges that may occur is a skittish chest that possesses one eye which refuses to open. It’s impossible to sneak around it or walk slowly towards it, as the one-eye chest will immediately panic and close itself shut.

An easy solution for this problem is to use an invisibility spell, which allows wizards and witches to move around undetected in Hogwarts Legacy. Luckily, the spell is obtainable by completing one of the main quests, so players don’t have to search for it or finish a difficult side quest.

Opening one eye chest in Hogwarts Hegacy?

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To open chests with eyes in Hogwarts Legacy, players must use the Disillusionment spell and approach the chest slowly. Once they are close enough, interact with it to get 500 Galleons, which is a decent amount considering most pouches and small chests reward 10 to 50 Galleons.

If by any chance the one-eye chest saw players before applying the invisibility spell, sprint away from the chest until it relaxes in Hogwarts Legacy, and then cast the Disillusionment spell and approach it carefully.

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According to the game’s description, the Disillusionment spell causes the caster to blend into the surroundings, making it difficult for others, such as enemies and guards, to detect them. It’s also the perfect spell for sneaking around and approaching enemies to perform the binding spell, Petrificus Totalus.

How To Get The Disillusionment Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

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To get the Disillusionment spell, it’s crucial that players complete the Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Sebastian Sallow from Slytherin will be the student who teaches the protagonist this spell, as he used it many times to cause some mischief. Luckily, this main quest will occur quite early on in the game, so players will get to open the one-eye chests very soon.

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Considering Professor Fig is busy with the Headmaster and won’t be able to visit the restricted section with the protagonists, the main character takes it upon themselves to discover the dangerous area alone, but not without learning a useful spell from Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy. To learn the Disillusionment spell, follow the line and press the correct buttons in the correct order to successfully add it to the spell collections.

Soon enough, players will arrive at the lower floor of the restricted section, which is full of watchful ghosts that’ll sense players’ presence even with the Disillusionment spell. Use the basic attack button and aim at different spots on the wall or a random item to grab their attention and sneak around safely.

11. How to Get a Broom

To speed up travel around the game’s open world, Hogwarts Legacy players need to get their hands a broom, purchasable from a shop in Hogsmeade after certain requirements are met. Brooms are a common form of transportation in the Harry Potter franchise, and so it makes sense to use them as a sort of mount in the Hogwarts Legacy game.

It’s not possible to get a broom right away in Hogwarts Legacy. Players will need to progress through Hogwarts Legacy’s main story until they are given the quest to attend Flying Class. As one might imagine, Flying Class acts as a broom flying tutorial in Hogwarts Legacy, teaching players the basics of how to use their broom. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy players don’t get to keep their brooms when class is done, but they can purchase a broom of their own.

How to Get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

After Flying Class is cover, players can travel to Hogsmeade and head to Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs store. Assuming the prerequisites are met, players will have the opportunity to purchase a broom for 600 gold. Unless one has been blowing all their money on potions and things, they should have plenty to buy a broom, but if not, they will want to open more chests or sell any gear they don’t need.

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How to Equip and Mount Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Once players buy their broom in Hogwarts Legacy, they are free to fly around the open world with it at their leisure. However, there are a few areas where broom flying is restricted, like inside Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade. To equip the broom, players simply need to push the left bumper and then Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox.

How to Customize Broom

Hogwarts Legacy players can’t purchase brand-new broom models, but they can customize the look of their broom at Spintwich’s Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade. They can also complete a series of broom racing quests that unlock broom upgrades. Completing the races is just one step to upgrading one’s broom, though; players also have to fork over some gold to actually get the next upgrade. In total, Hogwarts Legacy players can upgrade their broom three times.

Once Hogwarts Legacy players have a broom at their disposal, they will find it much easier to explore the game’s massive open world. With their broom, Hogwarts Legacy players can quickly travel around the vast countryside surrounding Hogwarts castle, activating Floo Flame fast-travel locations as they go to speed up later quests. And those that want to make their broom flying even more efficient should definitely consider prioritizing the broom flying races.

12. How To Unlock Flying Mounts (The High Keep Quest)

Upon unlocking the Room of Requirement and learning how to use the Nab-Sack from Deek the Elf, it’s possible to rescue Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. There are many types of Beasts players can find while exploring the vast world varying from the cat-like Kneazles to the mighty Hippogriff. The latter, however, is considered a flying mount and requires an extra step to unlock.

Strangely enough, Poppy Sweeting isn’t the one who commissions to rescue the flying mount, but it’s Natsai Onai (Natty). While trying to find evidence against Harlow in Hogwarts Legacy, the latter asks players to meet her near a castle ruin to start the High Keep quest.

How To Trigger The High Keep Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

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After speaking with Natty in Lower Hogsfield, she advises the Protagonists to wait for her owl as she tries to figure out Harlow’s location in . After a while, Natty asks players to come and meet her near the Falbarton Castle Floo Flame, triggering The High Keep quest.

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Upon traveling to the marked destination, speak with Natty who explains that she’s been following Harlow and watching his every move to find out his whereabouts. After witnessing him read a letter from Rookwood and tracking him to the castle ruins, Natsai confesses that it’s the perfect opportunity to sneak inside and find the letter.

How To Unlock Flying Mounts In Hogwarts Legacy

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To unlock flying mounts, players must complete The High Keep main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. The first step is to find a way inside the castle grounds. As Natty tries the main gate, players must head down the slope to the right and climb the broken crates to see if there’s another way inside.

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Now, a couple of spells must be used in Hogwarts Legacy to climb the high platform.

  • Turn left and use Depulso on the wheel to open the locked room.
  • Pull the box inside the room under the high platform by casting Wingardium Leviosa or Accio.
  • Use Levioso to levitate the box.
  • Jump onto it and climb the high platform.

Instead of destroying the wood blocking the small entrance on the left side of the wall and crouching inside, head to the end of the balcony and use Accio to pull the box out of the way as it’s impossible to cast a spell in Hogwarts Legacy while crouching.

To open the gate for Natty, use Depulso multiple times on the gate wheels, then quickly cast Accio on the hinge to put a barrier, forcing the gate to stay open. After reuniting with Natty and witnessing Harlow abusing Highwing, Poppy’s Hippogriff, Natsai decides to find the evidence while players are tasked with rescuing the Beast in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Rescue Highwing

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Upon getting separated from Natty, proceed forward and make sure to use Depulso on the box behind the broken window before heading down. Just like before, use Wingardium Leviosa or Accio to put the box underneath the high platform then cast Levioso to climb it.

After that, players need to follow the marked location while unlocking some doors using Alohomora until they reach the roof where Highwing and another Hippogriff are imprisoned. The final step is to follow Natty while riding Highwing and The High Keep quest is complete and flying mounts become available.

Once the Protagonists return to the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, a new Vivarium will be unlocked, allowing players to put all kinds of flying mounts inside.

13. How to Unlock Owl Post and What It Does

Once Hogwarts Legacy players choose their house and get familiarized with the many hallways and corridors of the Hogwarts castle, they’ll eventually notice that many of the mechanics and features within the main menu are blocked off. Unlocking the Owl Post and other stuff like Talents won’t happen until wizards and witches get farther into the main storyline.

What’s the Owl Post?

Hogwarts Legacy players will befriend all sorts of people around Hogwarts, and sometimes, these NPCs can send players Owl Posts, which can be opened by heading into the Field Guide and tabbing over to the Owl Post section, which is right in-between ‘Quests’ and ‘Settings.’ These posts will come with requests and/or updates from friends or professors, either telling players to meet them somewhere to start a new quest or to just check-in with them, like friends do.

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When Can I Get Owl Posts?

Hogwarts Legacy players will get introduced to the Owl Post functionality soon after they beat the troll in the first Hogsmeade mission with Natty or Sebastian, depending on which character players chose to hang out with. The first person that will send players an Owl Post will none other than Professor Fig. The game will prompt players to open the Owl Post with a click of the left control stick, which is L3 on PS4/PS5. This will allow you to check out your mail without having to dig into the menus, making it much faster.

Hogwarts Legacy: Easy Tips to Play and Win – How to Guides (P3) - 12

So far, it seems that players don’t have to worry too much about checking Owl Posts, as notifications will appear on-screen whenever players get a new letter. Reading text in a menu might not be as exciting as receiving an actual letter from one of the iconic owls of Harry Potter lore, but it’s still a neat feature that will keep players occupied with side quests and other activities.

Some players might’ve noticed that there is indeed a post office in Hogsmeade to walk into, but it seems that the NPC attendant inside cannot be spoken to. While it may seem that this is a way to send other NPCs letters, as of the time of writing, the post office has no use other than to explore.

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