Quest Guide for the Shadow of the Bloodline in Hogwarts Legacy

The Shadow Of the Bloodline Quest in Hogwarts Legacy forces players to participate in a heated argument between Ominis and Sebastian.

Quest Guide for the Shadow of the Bloodline in Hogwarts Legacy

At this point, Sebastian is one of the most impactful characters in Hogwarts Legacy. Players share many main and side quests with him as they join his journey to find a cure for his ill sister.

While there are not many things happening in the quest gameplay-wise, a lot of storytelling is preparing players for what is to come in Sebastian’s story. Hogwarts Legacy sets the mood for a couple of upcoming Sebastian side quests that will heavily impact the game and players.

In The Shadow Of The Bloodline Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

To trigger the In The Shadow Of The Bloodline Quest, players need to complete In the Shadow of the Estate Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. The Quest starts in the Great Hall upon hearing both Sebastian and Ominis Gaunt arguing about avoiding anything related to the Dark Art. The former thinks that anything to do with Salazar Slytherin is worth any risk, while the latter refuses to join that conversation.

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After asking Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy what they were speaking about, he’ll rant about Ominis not wanting to explore Salazar’s secret Scriptorium in Hogwarts. Apparently, it was used for Dark Arts and Ominis doesn’t want anything to do with it. But for Sebastian, nothing can stop him since his sister Anne needs a cure and that Scriptorium may hold the answers they need.

Here, players have two choices, either support Sebastian’s logic or tell him that Dark Arts are dangerous. Sebastian Sallow proceeds to explain that there’s more to Dark Magic than people realize. Here is where it gets interesting as Sebastian wants to explain Ominis’ past and what happened between him and his family. Players will have the choice to ask him to talk about it or not.

Sebastian states that Ominis learned Dark Magic from his family at a young age. He will then ask players if they are familiar with that curse. Since the student has never learned it before, players can either answer with I am or I’m not. Sebastian then explains that the Cruciatus Curse is known as the torture Curse, Crucio. The victims of such a Curse feel intense, excruciating pain. Ominis’ parents and family had no remorse towards Muggles as they would casually cast Crucio on them in Hogwarts Legacy. The blind Slytherin student considered the sound of the Curse’s victims as horrific. Until one day his turn came to cast Crucio as a child. Ominis refuses, and his actions got him to be punished by feeling that unbearable pain. When asked to do it again, Ominis gave up and cast Crucio, which doesn’t work unless its caster truly wants to inflict pain.

That entire encounter explains why Ominis is afraid of the Dark Arts and their effects on Wizards and Witches. Of course, like any other conversation in Hogwarts Legacy, players now have the choice to speak nicely of that encounter by choosing He had no choice or bash Ominis for his actions by choosing He should have known better. At the end of the quest, Sebastian announces he’ll convince Ominis to tag along to explore the Scriptorium with them.