Coin Hunt World Game – How To Play And Download?

Wondering where to download Coin Hunt World Game, How to play, how to earn money in this NFT game? If so, this topic will have you covered with detailed coin hunt world guides

NFT is no longer a fresh genre in game community, especially within COVID social distance, making money online has become a more popular earning method. As the law of supply and demand, a lot of game developers are focusing on providing NFT games interested enough for both entertaining and earning needs. And Coin Hunt World is one of those that has both two features. Pokemon Go gameplay style integrated NFT, what’s more fascinating than that?

So, what is Coin Hunt World, and how to play this NFT game? Scroll up and find more details.

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Coin Hunt World Game Instruction

What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT mobile Geo-location game. Players explore their real-world area searching for Blue Keys, which are then used to open Blue Vaults.

When a vault is opened user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded. Currently, users are rewarded in Bitcoin or Ethereum as well as in-game items such as Cubies, and Resources.

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Where and how to download Coin Hunt World APK for Android? 

Coin Hunt World download process has never been so easy. With Appvn, one of the biggest game platforms for Android, you can download and play every hottest NFT game, update all the latest versions of the games.

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 1

Now, follow these steps to have Coin Hunt World set up on your mobile:

1. Access this link: Coin Hunt World Android

2. This is an APK file so you couldn’t install it right away because of a security block put into place.

To bypass this download restriction and install APK files from unknown sources, navigate to one of these menus:

  • Settings > Apps & notifications Advanced Special app access > Install unknown apps
  • Settings Apps and notifications
  • Settings > Security

Depending on your device, you might need to give a specific app, such as Chrome, permission to install unofficial APK files. Or, if you see it, enable Install Unknown Apps or Unknown sources.

3. Now, back to Coin Hunt World Android. Click on change log option and download the latest version of Coin Hunt World.

How to play Coin Hunt World NFT game? 

After Coin Hunt World is available on your phone, let’s break up next step, explore and play.

We will give you the simplest instruction for playing this NFT, for even fresher can have the best experiment with the game.

– To play Coin Hunt World Android, first and foremost, sign up for your account. So how to create a new Coin Hunt World account? Follow these steps:

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 2

  • After downloading the game, click on your avatar in the bottom left of the screen
  • Then, sign up for a new account with your email. 
  • A verification link will be sent to your mail
  • Open the verification link. If all goes to plan, link will access directly to the game. If not, try hard-pressing the link and selecting ‘open in app’.
  • Ok, now your account is already set up. 

– What next? Let’s break up to Coin Hunt World guide to play and earn!

There are 5 big steps to play this game, they are:

– Find Keys > Open Vaults > Answer Trivia Questions > Collect Coin > Earn Crypto

To optimize these step by step, you will need to follow the instructions below: 

  • First Hunt

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 3

If you want to plan ahead, use Coin Hunt Map to look for nearby Blue Keys and Blue Vaults. If you don’t see anything on the map, that just means nobody has mapped your area yet and you’ll have to explore on your own.

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 4

Head towards the nearest commercial/built up area. Main Streets, malls, plazas, parks and high foot traffic areas are the places to go right now. Collect Blue Keys and solve Blue Vaults or Green Vaults.

  • Keybooths and Key Forging

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 5

Blue Vaults and Keybooths respawn at fixed times:

– Noon UTC and midnight UTC for Blue Vaults

– Noon UTC for Green Vaults and Keybooths

– Mondays noon UTC for Yellow Vaults

  • Collecting a Blue Key from a Keybooth

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 6

Tap the keybooth then tap the Blue Key to collect it.

  • Forging a Green Key

Forge a Green Key by tapping on an empty Keybooth and dragging a Blue Key to the forge. 

  • Leaderboards

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 7

To rank higher on the Leaderboards, you must obtain Leaderboard Points (LBPs). LBPs are acquired by solving vaults, printing cubies (the first print only), completing Buddy Quests, fueling Cubiedozers and Cubiecranes with Resin, and from referrals. The top players of each month receive rewards via Monthly Leaderboard Contests.

  • Printshops

Printshops are locations where you can craft cubies. They are normally located in major centers of commerce, such as large malls.

Printshops are now located at every Walmart, Target, and Canadian Tire across Canada and the US!

  • Headquarters

The Headquarters (HQ) will give access to a Mystery Box, Shop, Auction House, Mail Box, Uservault, and Chat Settings.

  • Constructing an HQ will require a Green Key.
    • Place your HQ near your home, or somewhere you frequent daily.
    • During placement, the HQ will be put on the map at the user’s location.

An HQ can be demolished.

  • Click on your HQ and select Demolish HQ to destroy it for free.
  • An HQ can also be Remotely demolished for the price of a Green Key.
  • Once an HQ is demolished, a Green Key is needed to reconstruct the HQ (tap on the Blue cubie icon in-game to see the option).

Each User is allowed one HQ.

Other users will not be able to see your HQ, and your HQ will not conflict with other HQs.

  • Buddy Quest

coin-hunt-world-game-how-to-play-and-download 8

Adding friends in-game to unlock the Buddy Quest feature. 

  • Once in-game tap on the Blue cubie icon in the bottom left corner, then tap on FRIENDS, followed by MANAGE FRIENDS, and finally ADD FRIEND. By entering their username you will be able to send them your friend invite.

You and a buddy on your friends list may be paired up to complete a Coin Hunt World Buddy Quest to earn a Yellow Key each. 


– Each player will have to find a Vault within a 3 Mile/5 km radius of their respective Headquarters which has turned into the quest location. You will see red pings emanating from the direction you should look.

– You will have to coordinate with your buddy and each of you will have to be present at your respective buddy quest locations at the same time to complete the task. Both players have to click on the seesaw and play on it at the same time.

– Buddy Quests last a week before expiring. You can only have one Buddy Quest active at a time, so you may want to keep only active users on your friends list!

– You can only get 1 Buddy Quest with each friend for now. But keep your active friends because the Developers mentioned that they will make changes to how the Buddy Quests trigger in the future.

– New buddy quests seem to spawn for players about 7 days after the last one is completed. However, this is approximate. Some players have reported having only a 5 day delay between quests, while others have reported longer than 7 days.

How much can I earn on Coin Hunt World game? 

Coin Hunt World is fun for a casual walker that collects a key and solves a vault once in a while but also for very active players optimizing routes to collect as many keys and vaults as possible. Some make money with getting a lot of referrals by asking friends and family to join.

Here is the formula to calculate your earning:

  • Headquarters: 1 Mystery Box every 8 hours = On average a value of around 10 blue keys per day = $30 per month
  • Buddy Quest: 1 Yellow Key per week = $40 per month

There is no exact number for how much money you can earn from the game, but for player with the least effort can earn totally of 70$/ month for setting up an HQ and collecting 3 Mystery Boxes every day, and finishing a buddy quest once a week which takes maybe 10min.

So, that’s all for coin hunt world game instruction. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section bellow!

Thank you for reading!

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