Top 6 best otome games mobile in 2023

Feeling lonely and wanting something to warm your heart? If so, the top 5 otome mobile games in this list are all you need.

Realistic dating games with extremely beautiful graphics and lively sounds always attract players who are not too fond of real-life dating. As such, in this article, we introduce to you the top 6 best otome games mobile in 2023 for those who love in-game romantic. 

Ikemen Series

Finding the best spicy otome games mobile? If so, don’t miss out on this series, including Ikemen Sengoku, Ikemen Vampire, and Ikemen Revolution. 

These games have some steamy scenes. Event epilogues, final chapter challenges, and story sales all are normally pretty sexy. 

Each of these games has a unique theme; for example, Ikemen Sengoku takes place in the times of Japanese warlords, where you come across real historical figures such as Nobunaga Oda.

Our second recommendation is Ikemen Vampire. Instead of transporting to feudal Japan, you will be surrounded by historical European figures with a plot twist; they are all vampires. The final recommendation we have is Ikemen Revolution. This mobile otome game is set in 19th-century London and has an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Romantic Diary

The first dating game that can be played for free on mobile is Romantic Diary. The game is played on both iOS and Android platforms released by Fundoll Global Limited.

True to the name of the game, this will be an extremely attractive love and fashion game that is romantic. With a close design and familiar Japanese manga style on dating games. The game also features a sound system that is carefully invested by voice actors to make your love more tender, true, and sweeter than ever.

The plus point of this game is a world-like world. Through this, players can easily talk to boys with different personalities. Besides, you can choose your favorite boyfriend model. These guys also have the same personality as real people can say jokes, sulk, be jealous, etc. In addition, you can also choose the style of costumes for your characters, and collect sets of clothing or items to serve in the course of participating in the mission.


Top 6 best otome games mobile in 2023 1

Sweetheart is an interesting dating game and can be considered quite difficult in this genre when it requires gamers to manage to get to know 5 different girls at the same time. The game is developed by publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

About the plot Sweetheart is about a boy named Ito Nobunaga. This is a teenage boy returning home from a long distance away to finish high school. The player will play this guy and meet his childhood lover Kazami Chinatsu along with 4 beautiful girls. How these relationships end up depends on how you play and your decisions.

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Tears of Themis

This dating game is developed by the extremely famous publisher of the Genshin Impact game, which is MiHoYo. Therefore, Tears of Themis quickly received expectations from gamers who love the dating game genre. Tears of Themis has a plot revolving around a lawyer girl on her journey to discover and solve mysterious cases in her city. In the process, the player will fall into a sweet relationship with four extremely attractive boys.

For the gameplay, you need to solve a series of cases with mysterious crimes. To be able to facilitate the investigation process requires players to unravel the details of each different case by searching and collecting evidence from the scene. Through that, you can compare clues, detect contradictions when interrogating suspects and find out the hidden truth.

In addition to solving the case, the player also experiences a sweet love affair between 4 extremely stylish and handsome boys. Each guy has a different personality, so you can date to get to know each other better as well as text or video call at any time.

For best otome games Android, this game is a must-have name in the list. 

Wannabe Challenge

The next dating game is Wannabe Challenge, this is a fashion game that tells the story of a model girl and 4 guys trying to climb to the top of the fashion world. In the game, you will be really immersed in the extremely realistic storyline and characters with attractive and sweet voices. The game has quickly attracted a large number of players in Korea, thanks to the clever combination of music, the story is extremely reasonable and attractive.

In terms of graphics, the characters in the game are designed very meticulously and carefully. The outfits on each page also speak to each person’s personality and are bold in the current Korean style and fashion that is popular today.

The outstanding feature of this game is that you can enjoy extremely attractive sentences with extremely charming and sweet character voices. There is also the feature of messaging, social networking, or phone with the guys you like. Along with that comes competition in fashion contests to try on and choose your best outfit.

Romantic HOLIC: Otome game

This is an extremely attractive game for those who love romance. Because it will give players an extremely beautiful and touching love story. This game begins when Liu Shenzhou finds a mysterious white phone. After using an app called “Dream Connection” the heroine will go into her dream and meet a mysterious guy. From there, the love story of the heroine and this mysterious character also began.

In terms of gameplay, the player will play the role of Jaime, then choose the right options for his dialogue with everyone. These conversations and choices will determine your secret guy directly. Players are allowed to freely choose their direction in this story because in the game there are many different storylines and endings. Through this game will spark your imagination and help you discover an extremely interesting journey.

The outstanding feature of this dating game must be mentioned that the game is like a romantic love novel that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy and approach carefully. Besides, the game system is also quite simple with an attractive storyline. Although the game interface is extremely simple and most of it is written. But the words and compelling storyline make players unable to take their eyes off and they easily feel more deeply. The highlight of the game is that you can choose the direction in the game because the plot line is constantly changing with different endings.

That is the end of best otome games mobile list. What do you think of this list? Discuss with us in the comment section below.