5 Best GTA Games for Android You Shouldn’t Miss

GTA Vice City

Refer to the list of the best GTA game for Android in the article below.

Trying to find the top GTA games on Android? For hours of amusement, check out our list of the best games, which includes GTA III and GTA V. To experience the criminal underworld on your mobile, download and start playing right away.

These games offer an immersive experience that will keep you hooked for hours, with action-packed tales, exciting gameplay, and breathtaking graphics.

So which GTA is the best on Android? We chose the top games overall as well as the greatest GTA titles with offline play. So take a seat back, unwind, and let’s look at some of the top-rated GTA games that every Android gamer ought to have.

1. GTA Vice City

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The mobile version of Vice City’s 10th Anniversary Edition boasts superior visual appeal compared to other mobile ports. While it may lack the impressive automobile reflections seen in Android’s San Andreas, the character animations are more realistic and less artificial.

Vice City had stricter rules in comparison to San Andreas, but the transition to touch controls did not diminish the overall gameplay experience. Both games have their share of bugs, with issues such as vehicle glitches and NPC pathfinding problems leading to frequent traffic accidents due to poor programming.

2. GTA Chinatown Wars

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The majority of GTA games available for Android are part of the 3D Universe series, as evident from the titles mentioned earlier. However, Chinatown Wars stands out as an isometric top-down game featuring 3D environments and 2.5D characters.

Originally released on the Nintendo DS, this game pays homage to the visual style of the first two Grand Theft Auto titles. The Android version closely mirrors the PSP edition, offering enhanced graphics compared to the DS release. Chinatown Wars was optimized for the DS’s touchscreen interface, making it well-suited for mobile devices.

Featuring a variety of minigames at different difficulty levels, players can enjoy an interactive experience using touchscreen controls. These minigames range from tattooing triad members to hot-wiring stolen vehicles. Set in Liberty City from the HD Universe, Chinatown Wars is known for its stability and lack of bugs, although some users have reported encountering issues.

3. GTA San Andreas

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Upon its release on the PlayStation 2, San Andreas: The Original received widespread acclaim, being hailed as a masterpiece. It surpassed the expectations of every fan, providing an enthralling open universe that was easy to immerse oneself in. Many of the game’s features were so abundant that they were not even present in subsequent games. However, the mobile remake of the game encounters several issues. The most prominent change is evident in the graphics of this version. The colors reminiscent of the PS2 era have been entirely altered.

4. GTA 3

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The mobile version of GTA 3, like Vice City, was released to commemorate its tenth anniversary. However, unlike the previous 3D Universe mobile ports, this one stands out for its high level of polish. It runs smoothly and is devoid of any major game-breaking problems.

The original color palette of the Android version was altered, following the trend of previous remasters. The dark tones of Liberty City may not be as refined as in later games, but they seem to fit well with the overall atmosphere of this particular game. Some might even argue that the Android release of the game surpasses its initial debut on PC and consoles.

5. GTA Liberty City Stories

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The PSP-designed Liberty City Stories may appear to work seamlessly on other handheld devices, but the Android version falls short in terms of quality compared to the PSP or PS2 ports. The game’s performance is inconsistent, with some players experiencing smooth gameplay without any technical hiccups. However, others encounter frequent crashes or difficulties launching the game at all. Many players have expressed dissatisfaction with the sensitivity of the controls.

Despite these drawbacks, it remains a noteworthy GTA game for Android that you should not overlook. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this list, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.