Review of Pickle Pete Survival RPG – Is It Worth Playing?

Pickle Pete

Play as a pickle hero to fight monsters. sounds weird but also interesting right? That’s what you will experience in the game Pickle Pete.

The mobile gaming industry has found the survivors-like genre to be particularly suitable due to its straightforward gameplay. Recently, Frojo Apps introduced their latest addition to this genre with Pickle Pete. This 2D survival game revolves around a mutated pickle, where each world consists of a set of levels contained within small arenas.

At the beginning, players are equipped with only one weapon and the gear they have chosen to combat the hordes that emerge from the ground. As the game progresses, the intensity increases rapidly, necessitating the need for players to always have an escape plan in order to avoid getting trapped in a difficult situation, otherwise they will find themselves in a pickle.

Who is Pickle Pete?

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Naming a piece of media after its main character is a common practice, and sometimes it’s all that’s necessary. Pickle Pete is a straightforward example of this concept, allowing for easy imagination and engagement. In this story, Pickle Pete is a mutated pickle with the potential to be as large as a human. He has been modified to proficiently handle various weapons, serving as the primary defense against hordes of undead and mutant creatures emerging from the ground. To effectively combat these threats, Pickle Pete must constantly evolve by growing additional arms to achieve a complete 360-degree attack range.

Cool as a Pickle Pete

A survivors-like game may appear simplistic at first glance, but the key lies in its ability to captivate and entertain. Pickle Pete achieves this through various means. One of its standout features is the art style, which effortlessly combines the allure of a flash game with a contemporary touch. What truly adds to the amusement is the protagonist’s continuous growth of additional arms as he acquires more weapons, each arm accompanied by a unique animation. Furthermore, the enemies in the game are skillfully designed to avoid any overlapping, ensuring a seamless experience and sparing players from unnecessary frustration.

The game offers a wide range of options, a key feature of a quality survival game. Pickle Pete has a charming appearance, and you have the freedom to personalize him to your liking. As you progress through levels, you will discover new clothing items and weapons to enhance your arsenal. Each item not only has a unique style but also comes with its own set of benefits that become more powerful as you advance in the game. Moreover, the game provides ample rewards without making the gameplay feel repetitive.

Pickles are a widely consumed food item, however, the taste and design of Pickle Pete may not appeal to everyone. One noticeable problem arises when considering the size of the arenas. Each level follows the same pattern, reflecting the theme of the world, but the only variation lies in the type and quantity of enemies encountered. Although the pace begins leisurely, it doesn’t take long for the surroundings to become congested.

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It is anticipated in games with survivor-like themes, but in this case, it can present a challenge. The confined space restricts your choices, and Pickle Pete himself lacks agility. He moves at a sluggish pace and will encounter significant difficulties navigating through the masses as time progresses. Additionally, his substantial hitbox makes him an attractive target, susceptible to receiving numerous hits within a short span of time.

Pickle Pete power

Pickle Pete presents an intriguing 2D survival game where players guide a mutant pickle equipped with numerous arms to combat mutant undead foes. The game boasts a mobile-optimized interface with delightful graphics and a plethora of customization options. Despite facing obstacles due to the confined play area and the sluggish pace of the protagonist, Pickle Pete remains a compelling choice for those seeking a zombie-filled adventure.

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Source: Pocket Gamer