Hearthstone Festival of Legends: All Things You Need to Know

Festival of Legends expansion now live

Let’s experience the excitement of the ongoing Hearthstone Festival of Legends.

Get ready to rock! The Festival of Legends expansion for Hearthstone is now available! Keep reading for an overview of what you can expect, a compilation of helpful guides, deck codes, and much more.

Festival of Legends expansion now live

The latest Hearthstone expansion introduces the Year of the Wolf, featuring 145 fresh cards, Soloist minions, Harmonic spells, keywords, and Core Set enhancements. Below is a brief overview of each of these elements and our detailed tutorials on how to utilize them effectively. Additionally, we had the opportunity to interview the Hearthstone team regarding the Festival of Legends!

  • Soloist Minions: Soloist Minions possess unique Battlecry effects when a player has no other minions under their control on the board.
  • Harmonic Spells: These spells switch between Harmonic and Dissonant modes each turn in a player’s hand.
  • Finale Keyword: Cards featuring the Finale Keyword provide a special bonus when a player exhausts all of their remaining mana.
  • Overheal Keyword: Minions with this keyword from the Priest class get a special effect if they’re healed beyond their maximum health.
  • Core Set Updates: The Year of the Wolf Core Set introduces the Tradeable and Magnetic keywords, along with numerous updates to minions.
  • Festival of Legends Interview: Insights on Festival of Legends from game designer Aleco Pors and Hearthstone expansion lead Leo Robles Gonzalez during a Festival of Legends interview.

Hearthstone Festival of Legends: All Things You Need to Know - 1

Hearthstone Festival of Legends artwork (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Festival of Legends deck guides

Remember to keep an eye out for the fresh decks being utilized in the latest expansion. Before the Festival of Legends was released, an exciting theorycrafting event unfolded. During this event, numerous content creators engaged in thrilling battles on Twitch. Alongside a comprehensive guide showcasing 11 decks to experiment with during the expansion’s initial week, we have also crafted specific guides for various Legendary cards!

  • Pre-release Theorycrafting Event Decks: An assortment of decks for theorycrafting during the pre-release event.
  • Decks for Day One of the Festival of Legends: Explore a collection of 11 decks to test out in this expansion.
  • Understanding The One-Amalgam Band: A comprehensive guide to the mechanics of this Neutral Legendary minion in Hearthstone.
  • Guide to E.T.C., Band Manager: Recommendations for the optimal selection of minions to include in your ETC., Band Manager sideboard.
  • Highlighting Legendary Minions and Spells: Showcasing the legendary minions and spells that are part of this expansion.