Top 5 Hardest Mobile Games Like Elden Ring

If you've fallen in love with the hardcore of the Souls-like series, don't miss out the following 8 mobile games similar to Elden Ring!

Mobile games similar to Elden Ring

Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager has the same gameplay as Elden Ring with an extremely engaging narrative, RPG elements are strongly conveyed with cinematic cutscenes.

The game is praised by many gamers as more like a PC game than a mobile product.

Pascal’s Wager also focuses on cautious boss battles and is not a bad choice if gamers want to experience the “hardcore” Elden Ring feeling on small mobile devices.

Even, there is hardly any mobile game product that is as well optimized as Pascal’s Wager with extremely vivid graphics quality.

Dark Raider

In the list of Elden Ring similar games, Dark Raider is an unmissable name. This is a horizontal screen action role-playing game with charming pixel-art graphics, but above all, it’s still tight cut-and-slash gameplay.

The game builds a random map system, players will explore new areas and fight against different monsters.

Every time the final boss is killed, the dungeon will be set up so there’s no need to do the same dungeon twice.

There are a total of 3 different characters for players to choose from: Warrior, Mage and Barbarian. Each character possesses different advantages and unique set of skills.

Way of Retribution: Awakening

Way of Retribution: Awakening takes action gameplay to the next level with gameplay so difficult that it makes players wonder if this is a real Elden Ring mobile version.

In this game, players will create their own custom character, from changing appearance, physique, gender …

Along with the ability to choose classes (classes) such as warriors, mages… will bring a separate direction for your character.

The most attractive thing is that even if gamers own an old phone, they can still experience Way of Retribution: Awakening at 60 FPS.

Animus – Harbinger

The sequel to the Animus series is Animus: Harbinger. This is the part of the game that is considered close to Dark Souls, especially in terms of aesthetics.

The dark, thorny, mysterious environment, RPG elements or challenging gameplay, the level of graphic detail is rated as top-notch…making Animus: Harbinger superior to the part Stand Lone mentioned. come above.

The gameplay of Animus: Harbinger is still crazy and the loot system gives players the desire to win.

This pushes gamers to rush into more difficult, more dramatic matches and of course, also win more valuable rewards.

Lords of the Fallen

As one of the earliest Elden Ring similar games to appear on PC, few people know that Lords of the Fallen has also taken place on mobile.

The game has eye-catching graphics and crazy hardcore challenges, taking players on the darkest journeys.

Compared to the PC version, the gameplay of Lords of the Fallen Mobile has been changed to resemble Infinity Blade, where gamers will lock positions and focus on hand-to-hand combat with enemies.

Here gamers will have to familiarize themselves with the block and counterattack system, as well as the dodging mechanism in the direction of the enemy’s attack.

Of course, direct block phases with shields are only limited, so the game encourages players to dodge often to store shields when needed.

That’s all for top 5 mobile games like Elden Ring. What do you think of this list, and do you have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below.