Update Time: Top 11 New Android Games Of Last Week

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android game were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Today’s list is broken up into several segments, ranging from best, average, to mediocre. Let’s go!

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

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Behind the Frame offers some fantastic anime-like animation, where many have compared the game’s look to a Ghibli film. This is more or less a point-and-click adventure where you’ll complete or retouch paintings in order to uncover hidden memories, which is how the heartfelt story evolves. This is a game for relaxing, a chill experience. Just keep in mind this is a short game that contains easy puzzles, so if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll want to play something else.

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Minicar io : Messy Racing

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If you couldn’t tell, Minicar io : Messy Racing is an io game, but it’s also a racer, and so this title combines two genres into one where finishing first is still the primary goal. There are 18 courses to race on and 19 different cars to race in. Both the game’s tacks and vehicles offer unique features, making for a game that at least provides a good bit of content. While the controls are serviceable, the monetization isn’t great, and the gameplay grows stale when grinding. This is a middle-of-the-road racer, and it shows.

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Kumo Sushi Bar

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Kumo Sushi Bar is the latest release from HyperBeard, and much like the developer’s other titles, this is a game sporting a kawaii theme. Much like all the other sushi serving games out there, you’ll get to run and decorate a restaurant that serves sushi. Sure, this is a played-out genre we’ve seen a thousand times, but there’s no denying the adorable theme will ensure Kumo Sushi Bar makes money.

MARVEL Future Revolution

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Enjoy various interactions with other heroes across various MMO regions. Along with backstories for multiple characters, and the graphics are indeed superb if you have a high-end phone to max them out.

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Purrfect Tale

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Purrfect Tale is a cutesy point-and-click adventure that’s mixed with a classic claw game where you’ll unlock new outfits and furniture. The story itself is good, and the claw gameplay is totally fun, though the grind is a bit annoying.

Legendino: Dinosaur Battle

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Legendino: Dinosaur Battle is atypical generic Pokemon-like. You’ll collect dinos in order to battle them. This way, you can collect even stronger dinos to then repeat this process endlessly. This means PvP is included, but be careful as the game is stuffed with in-app purchases, which means this release is indeed pay-to-win.

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Metal Slug : Commander

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Classic roles, classic scenes, classic music, revisit the works of the previous generations of Metal Slug. Just what everyone wanted, yet another Metal Slug game that isn’t a run-and-gun platformer. This release is a card game, and it’s also a gacha game.

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Sliding Seas

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Be the mayor of your own tropical world! Pick cute buildings to decorate your island and hang out with cool VIP characters that you collect. Sliding Seas is the cutest and most relaxing match-3 puzzle game on mobile!

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Would you like a brand new heart pounding experience? If so, MIR4 is the perfect game for you. Endless adventures to overcome my limitations, facing the challenges of life and death alongside clanmates. Compose an epic story through countless glorious battles. This is an experience of the pure joy of the game.

Thank you for reading! If you have an application in mind for the next issue of the roundup, feel free to let us know.

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