Minecraft’s Trails & Tales update: The most recent additions you should not miss

Make sure you don’t overlook the newest features introduced in Minecraft’s Trails & Tales update. This update includes a mob that was highly requested by fans, as well as the delightful addition of cherry blossoms and camels.

Minecraft's Trails & Tales update: The most recent additions you should not miss - 1

Exactly one year following the launch of Minecraft’s The Wild update, the Trails & Tales Update (Minecraft 1.20) has been released. Unlike previous updates, this release does not have a central theme, but it introduces a plethora of new content, ranging from archaeology to the addition of the new sniffer mob. Furthermore, this update signifies the complete availability of Minecraft on Chromebooks.

Selecting a standout feature from this update may prove challenging, however, the cherry blossom trees are sure to capture your attention. These trees are located in a newly introduced (albeit uncommon) biome and represent one of the two new wood types in the game. The second wood type can be created from bamboo, a material that, despite being present in Minecraft since 2018, has only recently gained significant utility.

Minecraft's Trails & Tales update: The most recent additions you should not miss - 2

Today’s update introduces two new mobs, each serving a distinct purpose. Utilizing the camel will provide protection from melee mobs, while the sniffer is capable of foraging seeds for ancient plants. The sniffer mob was chosen by the community during Minecraft Live 2022; players can locate this requested mob by unearthing sniffer eggs using the archaeology feature.

Numerous additional features are included in this update. Signs can now be placed on the undersides of blocks, armor trims offer a unique aesthetic to your armor, and written books can be stored on bookshelves alongside regular books, enchanted books, and books and quills.

The Trails & Tales update for Minecraft is now accessible on various platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. Although Minecraft has been playable on specific Chromebooks since March, the Trails & Tales update signifies its complete launch on ChromeOS. Regrettably, it is not bundled with the Android release (but you can utilize the same Play Store listing for installation); the cost is $20 ($13 if you already own the Android version). Nevertheless, running the game smoothly may prove challenging on Chromebooks that are not optimized for gaming.