EA reduces minimum prices for 80-110 OVR players in FIFA Mobile

EA Sports has recently revealed that they will be lowering the price cap minimums for Player Items with ratings ranging from 80 to 110 OVR. This means that players will now have the opportunity to sell their items in the market at a more affordable price. The announcement was made by FIFA Mobile on their official Twitter account, following negative feedback from fans and players who expressed their dissatisfaction with a new system that was introduced this year. As a result, the prices for these players will be decreased in the coming days to address these concerns.

A Lot of Complains Came from FIFA Mobile Fans Regarding The New Market System

Players have expressed their discontent with the new market system implemented during the beta season of the game. They encountered challenges in selling their players due to the fixed minimum card values that remained unchanged even after events concluded. This obstacle hindered their ability to accumulate coins, and the situation worsened during the TOTY event.

It is reassuring to inform players and fans that there will soon be a reduction in the minimum prices for players with an overall rating between 80-110. This adjustment is welcomed news as it was particularly challenging to sell TOTY event cards, which had ratings ranging from 98-112. The acquisition of these players followed a similar trend, leading to difficulties for many individuals.

Quick Sale Vales About Unwanted Cards Are Suggested by Fans

While this modification tackles various concerns raised by players about the system, it fails to guarantee that establishing a minimum price for cards will effectively solve the supply and demand issue. There is a multitude of cards currently listed for sale with orders of 999 or higher, and simply implementing this solution may not suffice to sell all of them.

Many gamers are suggesting the addition of Quick Sell prices to easily get rid of unwanted cards at a discounted rate. The market tax can be a disadvantage when purchasing elite players, making it harder for beginners to save up enough coins for top-tier cards. Once the change is put into effect, a thorough evaluation will be necessary to determine its effectiveness.

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