Review Forest Island – A Healing Game for Android

Among a dozen games that flew on Android over weeks, Forest Island Game is the most standout name. So, what is this game? And why its called the best healing game for Android? 

With the busyness of modern life, we sometimes want to escape from reality and immerse ourselves in a more peaceful place. While other people choose a relaxing hanging out moment with friends, gamers may take a break with some healing games. Forest island is one of those games.

Forest Island Trailer

Forest Island is a serene new species sim from NEOWIZ, a company known for developing hash and slash games. It is quite surprising when they decided to develop a bright game like this. But after the initial experience with the game, I think this is the right decision of NEOWIZ. 

Graphics and sound

Starting game, the first thing that impressed me was its beautiful graphics. By using light color, with green as the main tone, Forest Island brought me a relaxed feeling. Intertwined with the bright aesthetic is soothing background music. The theme song is like the sound of nature, driving me to a comfortable mood, helping me temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of life out there. 


As for gameplay, your mission in Forest Island is very simple. You are dropped on a devastated island and must heal it to save the forest species. By grabbing items, you will patch the greenery, create a beautiful sanctuary island, make it into a wonderland full of animals. To expand your terrain, you need to reclaim wastelands and encourage animals to live in your place. A territory must have at least 40 different species before you move to the next one. 

Easy tasks sound simple but not less engaging. I remember I caught up in the journey to rescue the primeval forest that I spent all my spare time just to finish the whole game. I had a truly relaxing moment with Forest Island and I think you will too.

Cute aesthetic, lyrical soundtracks, and interesting gameplay, what’s more expectation than that? 

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