5 Best ExaGear – Windows Emulator Alternatives

Developing Windows emulation software is a demanding task that involves creating a sophisticated and intricate set of instructions within a software framework. This process requires significant time and effort from programmers. However, due to the lack of a substantial market willing to pay for such software, many developers lack the motivation to invest in its development and the associated features. Fortunately, there are a few noteworthy Windows PC emulators for Android available, including ExaGear.

Nevertheless, if you encounter difficulties during the installation and utilization of ExaGear, there are alternative Windows emulator options that can fulfill your requirements.


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Starting the list of ExaGear – Windows emulator alternatives is JPCSIM. 

This Computer Simulator has been specifically designed to provide instruction on the installation of different operating systems on a computer. By utilizing multiple images, JPCSIM is capable of simulating the entire process of an operating system, starting from the BIOS and continuing through the post, installation, and desktop stages. Additionally, it can even simulate certain computer programs, although it does not emulate them. Whether for educational or amusement purposes, this app allows you to create the illusion of having a fully functioning computer on your smartphone.

Win7 Simu

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Win7 Simu has made significant progress since our last trial a year ago, becoming a more advanced Windows emulator. Unlike before, where it only supported Windows 7, it now includes boot screen animations and lock screens from Windows 3.1, 2000, all the way up to Windows 11. Despite the variety of operating systems it can simulate, the core remains consistent – Windows 7.

Win 98 emulator

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The Windows 98 emulator operates smoothly without any intrusive advertisements or unnecessary software. Upon launching, users will be greeted with a straightforward three-step tutorial screen to navigate through Windows 98.

Just like in the Win7 Simu, My Computer is divided into two partitions: System C and Android A. To access the right-click menu, simply tap with two fingers on the screen. A single tap with one finger functions as a click, and similar to Windows, you will need to do it twice to open any application.


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For apps similar to ExaGear – Windows Emulator, we can’t miss out on Wine. 

Wine, which stands for “Wine Is Not an Emulator,” serves as a compatibility layer that enables the execution of Windows applications on various POSIX-compliant operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and BSD. Unlike virtual machines or emulators that simulate internal Windows logic, Wine dynamically converts Windows API calls into POSIX calls, thereby avoiding the drawbacks of alternative approaches such as performance degradation and increased memory usage. This seamless integration of Windows applications into your desktop environment ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.


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The Bochs Windows Emulator, pronounced as “Box,” is a C++ open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator. It has the capability to run MS-Dos, Windows 98, 2000, and Windows XP. This emulator is suitable for running basic applications that do not require high RAM or processing speed.

Bochs can be compiled to emulate various x86 CPUs, ranging from early 386 to the latest x86-64 Intel and AMD processors. Additionally, it is capable of running Linux and other Linux-based operating systems.

Similar to other PC emulators, the reason for its limited recognition is primarily due to its release in 2014. The developer has not provided updates for a considerable period, and the Bochs emulator may pose a burden on low-end android phones.

This concludes the compilation of the best ExaGear – Windows emulator alternatives. We welcome your thoughts on this list. Please feel free to discuss in the comment section below.