My Time At Portia Starting Guide – Easiest Tips

Looking for tips to make money, make friends, craft, farm, beat enemies, win competitions, and gain skills? No further than this topic of My Time At Portia starting guide!

My Time at Portia is an open world, RPG, simulation, and crafting game where you’re put in the shoes of a newcomer to the post-apocalyptic town of Portia. It’s no exaggeration when say that this is one of the best farm sim games of 2021. But, not everyone knows how to make it easier to play this game. So, here we are with our My Time At Portia starting guide. Now, let’s go through our instructions to make your playing time more entertaining.

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Where and how to download My Time At Portia?

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Appvn is the best platform to download every APK game, app for mobile, including My Time At Portia. For those who are news to Appvn, below is the simplest way to download My Time At Portia:

1. Access link: My Time At Portia mobile apk

2. This is an APK file so you couldn’t install it right away because of a security block put into place.

To bypass this download restriction and install APK file from an unknown source, navigate to one of these menus:

  • Settings > Apps & notifications Advanced Special app access > Install unknown apps
  • Settings Apps and notifications
  • Settings > Security

Depending on your device, you might need to give a specific app, such as Chrome, permission to install an unofficial APK file. Or, if you see it, enable Install Unknown Apps or Unknown sources.

3. Now, back to My Time At Portia mobile apk. Click on “change log” option and download the latest version of My Time At Portia.

Tips to play and make money in My Time At Portia

Fix The Game Speed

My Time At Portia integrates a speed fixing function that allows you to speed up or slow down your time daily. You can go into the game’s settings and slow down how fast the game-day passes in real life. Play around a bit to find which time is the best fit with your progress.

Fix Your House

After setting up a suitable timeline, what you have to do next is make a comfortable house for yourself. A good house with no holes will replenish your stamina, which really helpful for a productive working day.

Use all of your stamina every day and then stay up late

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Your remaining stamina each day won’t be reserved for the next day. After a day, the stamina bar will be restored. So there’s no reason why you should save energy, just use all of your strength for a day.

Furthermore, there’s no penalty for staying up until 3 a.m. in this game, so play until you pass out.

A useful free source to recharge energy is apple. During the early game, just kick apple trees and eat raw apples for 5+ stamina (kicking the tree takes 1 stamina, so stamina yield is 4 points).

Gathering as much as you can 

Experience point is an essential element to elevate your game level. Each level gives you a My time at Portia skill build point that can be invested into three skill trees: Fight, Gather, and Social.

To raise your point, you will need to gather as many game items in the game environment as you can.

Even it’s poop or grass, pick them up, they will be very useful. You need the poop for fertilizer, and sometimes you can get free seeds from it, which you can later replant on your farm.

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To pick rare items, look in every house, every area on the map. You’ll find hidden chests which contain special items—weapons, crafting items, bars, etc.

Create storage boxes and keep them in your home

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I think the most downside of My Time at Portia is its limited inventory space. So that leads to the fact that you collect a lot of useful items but you don’t have enough space to keep them. So, what will we do?

The answer is making several storage boxes. Craft boxes that you can put your items, so you can save space in your inventory. But remember that you are only allowed to place boxes in your farm area, so craft enough boxes in order not to waste your harvest land.

Create and sell stone furniture

Besides earning money from the main mission, you can also make money from selling items to My Time At Portia market, especially stone furniture, which has a very high price.

You can get stone from any rocks you mine or from mining in the ruins, and it’ll likely never be a problem. Meanwhile, marble can be gained from rocks you mine in the world. There’s a good bunch of rocks to the left of the main town gate. The stone stools, which only take stone, are a cheaper, but easier option, and can be used to make furnaces.

By the way, keep in mind that market prices will fluctuate every day. So, before selling or buying something, flick through the market first to make sure you will get a valid price, if it’s not a good day for sale, you might want to consider waiting a bit.

Upgrade your tools 

To make your playing time more effortless, good harvest tools are required. You can upgrade them with some bronze bars and an upgrading kit.

The kit can be bought from Total Tools store in the town. For bronze, you’ll need to find tin and copper ore from mining in Abandoned Ruins. Looking for the brownish parts of the rock that will drop copper and tin. You’ll also find some of the relics in here which are used to make the grinder.

Making friends and getting bonuses

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To move forward in the game, you will consider building up friendships with townfolks. Once you are close to someone, you will get big discounts or even get stat bonuses while trading with them. Your neighborhood has a lot of valuable items that you will need during your playing process.

Those are My Time at Portia starting guide to help you become the best builder in the Free Cities!

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You read all of these tips, even our review post, and want to play this game right now? Download My Time at Portia now and have the best farming moments!

My Time At Portia Download Android


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