Easiest Tips to Build a Treehouse in The Sims 4

How to build a Treehouse in The Sims 4? Follow the simple tips and tricks in this article.

The new Sims 4 treehouse item works just like the Rocket Ship that was added with the Get to Work expansion; players have to buy it, build it, and upgrade it to their liking. This guide will explain in detail how gamers can build their treehouses with their household and customize them as they please.

How To Get and Build a Treehouse in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, the treehouse is a purchasable item that players can gradually build. This item was created so adult Sims could bond with their children by building it as a family. Players can buy the treehouse in the Build-and-Buy mode; it can be found in the outdoor activities section, and it can be used off the grid.

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This item is a bit pricey; it costs 1,200 Simoleons, and on top of that, to place it, players need to have an outdoor space of 9×9 tiles available.

This activity is a great way to improve a Sim’s skills. It increases adult Sims’ Handiness skill, and it provides Motor, Creative, and Metal skills to children. Kids can’t start working on the treehouse alone because they will always require supervision.

There are two ways to get a child to join in on the building part of the treehouse.

The player can either get an adult Sim to start working on the treehouse and then switch controls over to the other additional Sims and select the Join Building Treehouse interaction on the treehouse.
The player can create a group with all the people they’d like to participate in this activity and then select the Build Treehouse Together interaction on the treehouse.

Treehouse Customization and Options

After working on it for a while, the treehouse will be finished. Once completed, Sims can install upgrades, decorate, and even set rules. Here are all the ways to additionally customize the treehouse:

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Customization Options
Additional Upgrades
    • Lights (Level 5 Handiness skill required)
    • Sliding Pole (Level 4 Handiness skill required, and 100 Simoleons required)
    • Bell (1 Common Upgrade Part required)
    • Slide (100 Simoleons required)

Adding a Slide and a Sliding Pole will give Sims more options on how they’d like to exit the treehouse.

    • Fairy Tale Castle
    • Space Explorer
    • Pirate Hideout
    • Island Castaway

On top of these decorations, players can also place other objects on the treehouse. To see what type of items can be put on it, players can enter Build-and-Buy mode and type “Placeable on treehouse” in the search bar – this filter will hide all non-placeable objects.

Admission Rules
    • Kids only
    • Teens only
    • No adults allowed

If the player sets any admission rules, whenever an unauthorized Sim attempts to enter, a notice will appear on the screen telling them that, at the time, they don’t have permission to enter.

The treehouse is also a new Woohoo location added specifically with the Growing Together expansion pack.

To Woohoo in the treehouse, an adult Sim has to select the Enclosure option when interacting with the treehouse, and it’ll appear within that section if the Sim has any potential partners nearby.

Once the treehouse is fully customized and built, Sims can enjoy their time with it by sitting on top, watching nature, or simply chatting. Inside the enclosure, they can sleep, nap, relax, and play.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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