LEGOs are used by a Stardew Valley fan to recreate the game’s community center

LEGOs are used by a Stardew Valley fan to recreate the game’s community center. A Stardew Valley fan recreates the game’s community center in LEGO form, and with enough help, it could become a real set available for purchase.

A creative Stardew Valley fan has made a LEGO version of the game’s community center that’s drawing attention from fellow players. The build has the potential to see a release as an actual Stardew Valley LEGO set that players could buy in stores and assemble for themselves at home.

LEGOs are used by a Stardew Valley fan to recreate the game's community center

The indie darling Stardew Valley continues to see popularity many years into its release. The game’s cheerful and open nature that allows players to decide what they want to focus on continues to encourage newcomers to play and long-time players to keep replaying.

The game’s community center is one example of the game’s many optional tasks, letting the player choose for themselves what they want the purpose of the building to be and working towards either restoring it or having it turned into something else entirely for the Joja Corporation.

Stardew Valley fan Star-Dewit shared their LEGO concept with fellow fans, hoping to draw attention to the project. The community center has been uploaded to LEGO’s Ideas platform, which means that with enough attention, the build could be reviewed by LEGO and even turned into an actual product sold in stores.

While that possibility is still a stretch at this point in time, the build definitely deserves praise. The exterior and interior of the building have been recreated in excellent detail, with the interior still in shambles, in dire need of repairs and overhaul, just as the player meets it in-game.

LEGOs are used by a Stardew Valley fan to recreate the game's community center (1)

In addition to including minor game details like the collection bins and Junimo hut, the fan also created concepts for ten of the game’s NPCs, including Abigail, Krobus, Penny, and even the Wizard. Little details have been added here as well, with Abigail’s adventurous nature shown through her carrying a sword and looking a little bruised or dusty from her experiences. Evelyn holds a plate of her cookies, Willy a fishing rod, and Sam holds a slice of pizza and a guitar, two of his favorite things. While some favorites like Linus are missing, it’s a good representation of the citizens of Pelican Town.

Fans in the Stardew Valley subreddit have been eagerly showering the build with praise, and it’s already managed to wrack up over 300 votes on the LEGO Ideas page. It has a long way to go, as 10,000 votes are needed for LEGO’s pros to evaluate the set and decide whether it’s worth creating in real life, but if the community likes it well enough, it may very well get there.

Another Stardew Valley LEGO set concept previously met this goal, though it hasn’t yet been decided whether it will actually see a release. Fans remain hopeful in both cases, and ConcernedApe has previously stated that he would be open to the idea of a Stardew Valley LEGO set, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. For now, fans who like the idea should consider voting for it on the official LEGO page.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.