Best Multiplayer Android Games in 2022 (So Far)

This is not a comprehensive but a detailed list of the best multiplayer games for Android in 2022. Hopefully, there will be some name pipe your interest!

List of best co-op Android games in 2022

Among Us

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Among Us is hands-down one of the most popular multiplayer games for Android that you can get your hands on nowadays, and also one of the most fun. There are no two identical rounds, and with millions of players tuning in daily, rest assured there is nothing sus about it!

Players have to win by kicking out the impostors from the spaceship, without actually knowing who they are. It’s a contest of observation, deception, and bloodshed. Absolutely brilliant.


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Hearthstone is pretty much the undisputed CCG champ on any platform. But beyond that it’s just a superb Android multiplayer game, inviting you to engage in a constant stream of tactical turn-based battles against real-life opponents. It’s essentially a multiplayer title, but the battles are one on one.

Just like in many other card games out there, you need to win by outsmarting your opponent and decimating their health. You will find even competitive tournaments for Hearthstone, so if this genre is up to your alley, who knows – you might become the next big champion (if you put your mind to it).

Clash Royale

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Clash Royale effectively reset the rules for mobile online multiplayer games, offering deeply strategic real-time competitive matches that could be blasted through in minutes. It’s a little bit MOBA, a little bit CCG, but all brilliant. It was the best-earning multiplayer game for Android for a while, which says a lot.

Wild Rift

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All the League of Legends fans and MOBA enthusiasts alike log in every day on this stunning mobile MOBA. There is nothing quite like a 5 versus 5 brawl in the Rift in order to conquer the enemy team’s Nexus!

Furthermore, if you have a slight idea of what PC LoL brings to the table, chances are you’ll quickly fall in love with this mobile MOBA. It is as good as its PC counterpart, but with its very own set of skins and events. Oh, and did we mention the insanely massive number of active players it has?

Dead by Daylight Mobile

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Ah, a beautiful horror title that is as well done and thrilling as Dead by Daylight is just a delight to feature on the list of best multiplayer games for Android. In DBD, players are tasked to complete various tasks in order to escape a facility where a killer is on the loose – that killer is another player, and whenever they catch someone, they’re basically as good as dead.

It’s a terrific title that is as exciting as it is creepy. You never know where the killer might be hiding, and there’s always the element of surprise.

Old School RuneScape

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Old School RuneScape is a title that some will agree with, and some will be completely against it – those who like it, love it, and those who don’t, want to keep as far away from it as possible. Although OSRS is not on par with the graphics we see nowadays on mobile, you can’t argue that once you get into it, its graphics will be the last thing on your mind!

Many will argue that this is the best MMO and one of the best multiplayer games for Android and other platforms, but that’s just a matter of opinion.

Apex Legends Mobile

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Another successful PC port that saw the light of birth on mobiles is Apex Legends Mobile. This well-known battle royale has taken the world by storm as soon as it first dropped. It features cartoonish characters and has vertical movement as well as horizontal, so it’s really using 3D space for battles. It got really famous for its quick gameplay that requires lightning-fast reflexes, as well as excellent hand-eye coordination.

You can invite two more friends and play as a team. The only objection we have, that might require improvement are inverted controls. There are none, and some players prefer to play inverted, as that’s a pretty common option nowadays. However, other than that it plays extraordinarily well, the gameplay is smooth and there are no reasons not to try it if you’re a fan of the genre.

Clash of Clans

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You might think of Clash of Clans as a casual city builder, but above all, it’s a great Android multiplayer title. Its well-calibrated matchmaking and battle system, and the ability to form allegiances, are all key to its enduring appeal. We love the unique approach to a tower defense base-builder multiplayer PvP action it provides.

PUBG Mobile

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The one that kicked off the whole Battle Royale craze comes to mobile, and it’s surprisingly faithful to the source. Whether you’re flying solo or riding shotgun with a crew of four, this is a brilliant Android multiplayer shooter. You quite literally have millions of people playing it at one time, and if it’s not in the millions, then for sure it’s hundreds of thousands (at least, it feels that way!).

Battle Bay

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You might have not heard of this 5v5 action title, but it’s actually a popular game among shooter fans. The team that brought your Angry Birds has come up with something rather special in Battle Bay – a finely poised 3D competitive shooter set on the high seas.

You fight against the enemy team while cruising your battleship across the wide seas. It’s a fun contest that brings a new perspective to what one would associate with mobile shooters.

Antihero – Digital Board Game

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Antihero is one of the slickest, most immediately entertaining digital board games on mobile. That it can also be played with others locally or online in casual or ranked PvP is a massive bonus. That means it’s a board game that doesn’t exactly feel like one, since you don’t really need a bunch of friends only to be able to play it.

Chess Rush

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Tencent’s take on Auto Chess makes the important addition of Turbo Mode, which makes the usually drawn-out tactical gameplay much better suited to mobile. Add in co-op, and you have a brilliant multiplayer offering. It’s essentially Teamfight Tactics but in slightly different packaging.

If you will, Chess Rush is to Teamfight Tactics what Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is to Wild Rift. An eerily similar title, but with a different approach when it comes to updates, events, and IAPs. By all means, it’s a great game and a multiplayer choice that will make your inner competitive nature surface. Tried and tested.

Garena Free Fire

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We don’t have a Google Play version of Fortnite, but Garena Free Fire is the closest it gets. It’s so popular that you can find players to dive into any time, any day. If you want a quick battle royale brawl at 4 AM, Garena Free Fire will be there for you.

If you’re a fan of battle royales this is a title that you will most certainly find entertaining and full of action and regular events, so you can rest assured, add it to your mobile multiplayer games collection. Oh, and we also have a bunch of Free Fire guides to help you along the way.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

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The title that was just released not long ago managed to captivate many through sheer immersive gameplay in what feels like an idyllic world set in the Lord of the Rings universe. The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War takes what we love from tactical base builders, and makes them seasonal and less pay to win than most.

It’s absolutely brilliant and takes great advantage of its Geo-strategic element each chance it gets and makes it a game worth trying – especially if you are a LOTR fan.

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