5 new mobile games of the week you shouldn’t miss out – July 7th, 2022

Who doesn't love new games? We certainly do - there's just something about the exhilaration of a new title you can't wait to dive into. As a result, here is the list of 5 best new games of the week for you!

Of course, new mobile games are a dime a dozen these days, and who has the time to scour the iPhone, iPad and/or Android stores to catch the latest title that drops? This is exactly why we’ve gathered a quick list of 5 new mobile games you should try this week, from undiscovered indie gems to high-profile AAA masterpieces.


  • Available on: iOS + Android
  • Genre: RPG

This fairy tale retelling reintroduces favourite characters from classic storybooks with a twist. Players can expect to dive into the world of Phantasia and save it from the corrupted Dreamless as the Dreamer.

The game features vibrant anime-style illustrations across a variety of characters that players can summon using their Dreamstone. There are also various weapons and accessories to collect, with easy drag-and-drop controls to engage in combat. Players can also unlock hidden stories as they progress through the game.


  • Developer: Crescent Moon Games
  • Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
  • Available on: iOS + Smartphone
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform

Crescent Moon Games’ pixel-art platformer features a host of culinary-themed challenges where players have to collect certain ingredients to progress through the game. There are sixty levels to tinker around with, along with plenty of cooking tools to pick up, superpowers to unlock and lovely wardrobe items to collect.

Players will also have to keep their eyes peeled for secret burgers on every level across this mini-Metroidvania of jungles, mountains and swamps. Can you help your determined chef make it out of the tricky terrain unscathed?

Kingdom Dash

  • Available on: iOS
  • Genre: Endless running

This endless runner will have you dodging trains and mine carts and speeding through a medieval town to escape evil knights and fight the malevolent Overlord. You can collect power-ups, perform sick tricks with your hover skates, or even soar through the skies with your jetpack.

You will also have to collect coins as you race through the vibrant fantasy landscape at 60 frames per second. Then, compare your performance with your friends and see whose progress reigns supreme.

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

  • Publisher: Tilting Point
  • Available on: iOS + Android
  • Genre: Sports

Mixed martial arts fans can have their fill of MMA madness with this fresh new sim, as they buy gyms, hire trainers and create their own champions. Players can also manage fights and game plans they can execute in the ring.

Players can collect a team of fighters and customize their moves based on strengths and weaknesses. Solo players can compete in multiple weight class campaigns, but for those who are feeling a bit more competitive, they can put their own skills to the test versus other players in Fight Club.


  • Available on: iOS
  • Genre: Puzzle

MIDORI is the sequel to the puzzle game SHIβ€’RO, and it takes players on a beautiful journey across gorgeous levels inspired by Japanese lacquerware. The game follows the tale of priest Yoshida on his quest to bring hope back to Kyoto.

Players will solve puzzles on a lacquer board where they can tilt their device to appreciate the game’s visuals, as well as enjoy a Zen soundtrack that immerses users into the heart of the forest as they play. There’s a handy hint system too just in case you get stuck.

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