10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft

Here are the best house ideas in Minecraft!

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft

As one of the most popular games ever made, there is certainly no shortage of content and fun to be had surrounding the sandbox game Minecraft. As the game is constantly in development, there is a steady stream of tutorials being released daily, teaching you different gameplay techniques or providing inspiration for building.

No matter how you choose to play the game, every player will need to construct their very own residence to store their materials and protect themselves from dangerous monsters. If you are interested in finding the perfect house-building tutorial for your next Minecraft playthrough, then check out the list below.

10. Large Cottage House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 1

  • Tutorial by: Croissant Cat

If there is one constant in the Minecraft community, it is that fans of the cottage aesthetic will continually pump out new creations and tutorials within the game. This tutorial is no different, as it takes a classic cottage and updates the house with more space and modern amenities.

Specifically, this tutorial features a glass sunroom on one side of the house, which can serve as a perfect crafting area. Furthermore, as this cottage is slightly bigger than others, you will have plenty of room to store your materials as you progress through the game.

9. Dark Oak House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 2

  • Tutorial by: Cyphur

If you find yourself yearning for a green aesthetic, then you can combine nature with your house build by constructing a rooftop garden. Specifically, Cyphur’s Dark Oak House tutorial demonstrates how the deep texture of the dark oak planks contrasts beautifully with the natural plants and grasses found throughout the world.

Just because the roof is made out of plants does not mean that the house needs to be overrun and unkempt, since the bottom of this build features manicured shrubs that line the sides of the house. As this build is somewhat modular, you can also continually create new wings of the house that serve specific functions, while the exterior continues to grow as well.

8. Brick House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 3

  • Tutorial by: BigTonyMC

You can find lighter blocks that, when mined, will provide clay by swimming in the numerous rivers, lakes, and oceans in your Minecraft world. Bricks, which may be made into a range of various brick blocks, can be obtained by smelting this resource at your base.

These blocks contrast beautifully with lighter-toned blocks like concrete, diorite, or sandstone, making them ideal for building chimneys and roofs. This is generally true, and BigTonyMC’s Brick House tutorial is no exception, as he builds a huge base with a distinctive tower, brick roof, and brick roof, which will test your construction skills.

7. Suburban House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 4

  • Tutorial by: IrieGenie

You are not need to limit your building to the medieval and rough aesthetic that Minecraft seems to favor. An excellent illustration of this is drawing design ideas from more modern construction methods, such as American suburbs.

The tutorial by IrieGenie demonstrates how to utilize Quartz and Stone Brick to construct a traditional, all-American house with a wraparound porch and a peaked roof inside your Minecraft world. Also, you can use the interior instruction to build a contemporary kitchen, a variety of bedrooms, and a storage space for any items you might mine during your game.

6. Modern House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 5

  • Tutorial by: Folli

Another example of a creative build is making a contemporary structure out of plain square boxes. Since Minecraft is entirely built of blocks, the clean and modern architecture present in today’s dwellings blends seamlessly with the game’s chunkiness.

Also, because this architectural style incorporates numerous minimalism-inspired features, you won’t need to worry about amassing a huge collection of materials to finish this project’s interior areas.

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5. Medieval House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 6

  • Tutorial by: Miner101

Miner101’s medieval home has extremely towering peaked roofs and a watchtower that perilously perches on a sheer cliff, in contrast to several of the newer homes on this list. While you are free to build this house wherever you wish, we suggest looking for a high mountain range because it was designed to be perched on a cliff.

Cobblestone and oak and spruce wood should be collected in big quantities before you start building because they will make up the majority of the building’s blocks. Also, we advise building scaffolding prior to beginning this project because you will need a way to safely access the top of this structure when you are constructing the intricate roof.

4. Japanese Cherry House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 7

  • Tutorial by: Stevler

Given that the Cherry Blossom biome is one of the game’s most recent features, it is not surprising that players have constructed millions of structures using the distinctive, pink-colored blocks found in the habitat. Stevler’s Japanese-inspired temple is an excellent illustration of a Cherry Blossom house since it mixes fresh hardwood blocks with a distinctive design to produce a magnificent residence.

In particular, the new cherry blossom wood and the mangrove wood, which are each present in their respective biomes, make up the majority of this build. The dramatic Japanese architecture present throughout the rest of the structure is only accentuated by the contrast between the red and pink, which results in a dashing roof.

3. Fantasy House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 8

  • Tutorial by: MassiveSpeck

MassiveSpeck’s Fantasy House is a very distinctive submission since it stands out from other house creations in Minecraft with its wacky roof design and vertical structure. The curved roof sections are the most crucial component of this construction because they offer aesthetic value and variation to the vertical structure.

Also, combining dark oak with a blue roof will truly make the building pop and appear all the more surreal. Contrasting colors are crucial in this project. If you reside close to an ocean monument, prismarine blocks are also an option, however Warped planks from the nether are recommended.

2. Large Wooden House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 9

  • Tutorial by: Lex The Builder

Lex The Builder’s Big Wooden Home is unquestionably the ideal house if you want to construct a traditional Minecraft home. This building has a chimney, a tower, peaked roofs, and plenty of space for whatever you may need. It is made of many different kinds of wood.

To build the exterior of the house, you should pay attention to gathering Oak, Mangrove, and Spruce wood. You should also collect a lot of stone bricks because the observation tower is composed of them. Generally speaking, this house can be placed in any Minecraft setting due to its distinctively Minecraft design.

1. Deepslate House

10 Best House Ideas for Minecraft - 10

  • Tutorial by: Sevaris

Sevaris’ Deepslate House is unquestionably your finest choice if you like the gothic style. Diorite, a white stone, is used to build this enormous edifice. Deepslate, a dark stone found in caverns, is used for the ceiling, and spruce wood is used as an accent block.

Your house will emanate an air of luxury while still appearing slightly daunting and foreboding by putting these precise blocks together with the odd pop of green from lush cave leaf blocks. Overall, even though this mansion is undoubtedly stunning to look at, we advise only experienced builders to create it because it will take a lot of time in survival mode.