Top 8 Vampire Survivors characters to play as

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When it comes to the best bullet-hell roguelite games available on Android, Vampire Survivors stands above its competition, not just for being the inspiration for numerous imitators but for being among the best in its execution and presentation.

Top 8 Vampire Survivors characters to play as

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Vampire Survivors, it’s an auto-firing survival game that pits you against waves of monsters as you try to outlast the clock; easily one of the best games on Android to date. You can play as one of 41 characters across 13 stages with dozens of weapons, items, upgrades, and unlocks along the way.

That’s a lot to choose from if you’re just getting started, so we’re here to help you with some of the best characters to help you plow through the hordes of enemies that will be thrown your way. We can also help with the best Android phones available right now to enjoy the game to its fullest.


1/ Imelda Belpaese

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Imelda is one of the four unlocked characters at the beginning of the game. If you’re playing for the first time, her Magic Wand weapon is an excellent way to get used to the auto-firing mechanic before you have to contend with the swarms. The Wand always targets the nearest enemy and pairs well with other weapons like the Knife and the King Bible.

Imelda’s passive bonus is a 10% buff to experience earned every five levels, which caps out at 30% at level 15, meaning that you’ll be leveling up faster, getting stronger weapons along the way. She is one of the four characters unlocked at the beginning of the game and can be purchased for only ten gold (which you should be able to get in one run with the starting character, Antonio).

2/ Poe Ratcho

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The idea of playing as a hunched old man that gets an automatic nerf to his health and uses a head of garlic for a weapon doesn’t sound like fun on paper, but Poe is worth it if you give him a chance. His starting weapon of Garlic is an area-of-effect weapon that deals out five damage to anything that gets close.

Poe is the ideal character for your first playthrough of the Inlaid Library, which begins by throwing waves of Dust Elementals at you (which just happen to have 5 HP). To get Poe, you need to start by unlocking the Garlic weapon, which you do by collecting five Ground Chickens.

Once you’ve done that, you need to raise it to level 7 on a run, which will make Poe available for purchase. If you somehow neglected to unlock Poe before obtaining the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, you can unlock him with the spell “strongestcharacter” quite easily.

3/ Mask of the Red Death

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Red Death is one of the most overpowered characters in Vampire Survivors. It has the highest movement speed in the game, starts with 255 health (base value is 100), and deals 20% additional damage. Its starting weapon is the Death Spiral, the evolved form of the Axe, which spirals out from the character, passing through and damaging enemies along the way, giving you a comfortable cushion to maneuver.

To get your hands on Red Death, you’ll have to take down the run-killer itself, Death. This isn’t quite an end-game task, but it will take some careful planning to make it to the 30-minute mark with the weapons and items you need. Alternatively, you can cast the spell “ablasphemousmockery” to unlock Red Death early.

4/ Queen Sigma

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Sometimes you want the very best character to simply slaughter the endless monstrous hordes in the game. In that case, your only choice is Queen Sigma. On top of getting a buff to nearly every stat, she starts with 108 Reroll, Skip, and Banish, meaning that none of her level-ups are wasted. Her final weapon, Sole Solution, damages everything on screen for 10 seconds with a 20-second cooldown, and its damage increases the more enemies she kills with it.

Unlocking Sigma can be a bit tedious; you need to have unlocked and collected every item in the game, as well as all the Arcana. But if you don’t want to do all that, just use the spell “allatonce” in the Secret menu.

5/ McCoy-Oni

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McCoy is a big boy and there are few better to help you conquer the secrets of Mount Moonspell. This tanuki starts with a +8 buff to health, +1 to armor, and +20% growth so he’s basically a tank that levels really fast. His starting weapon of 108 Bocce (which is essentially a beefed up Garlic) pairs well with his passive ability to temporarily increase his area by 150% every second. That means by default he’s a pulsating ball of carnage. Equip him with the axe to take full advantage of his area-boosting effect.

McCoy can be unlocked by evolving Mirage Robe (starting weapon of Babi-Onna) into J’Odore. Alternatively, you can use the spell “ionicoionico” to skip the hassle.

6/ Megalo Menya Moonspell

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Megalo Menya is the perfect character to choose when you don’t want to worry about dying. Sure, she has a -20 to max health and cooldown but she more than compensates for that with +100% to speed and might as well as +10% luck and +108 banish. Her starting weapon is 108 Bocce, but unlike McCoy, it doesn’t take up any weapon slots and upgrades every 10 level ups. That means she can have seven different weapons. Oh yeah, she’s also immune to all damage and only dies when the time limit is reached (or not at all on Endless).

Unlocking Megalo Menya is a little bit more tedious than your average character. First you have to have Menya unlocked (evolve Silver Wind into Festive Wind), then you have to use her to kill 100,000 mobs in a single run. Or you can use the spell “elamadonna” in the Secret menu.

7/ Eleanor Uziron

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Eleanor is the first unlockable character from the latest DLC, Tides of the Foscari. Although her max health has a nerf of -10, she gets +20% to speed, +25% to growth, and +2 rerolls so she moves fast, levels fast, and has a bit more discretion with which items she picks.

Her starting weapon of SpellString doesn’t have the highest damage, but it can attack a lot of enemies at once. At levels 10 and 20 the weapons SpellStream and SpellStrike spawn under her. The one produces an area of effect attack similar to Santa Water, and the other slashes at the nearest enemy similar to Victory Sword. The union of these three weapons, SpellStorm, is overpowered to say the least.

You can unlock Eleanor by finding her coffin in the Lake Foscari level. Use the spell “spellsomething” in the Secret menu if you want to grab her early.

8/ Luminaire Foscari

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Luminaire’s primary buffs of +40% speed and +0.5 recovery aren’t incredible, nor are her additional +7 revives, but her passive abilities make her a beast. Every time she levels up she kills everything onscreen by triggering a rosary. Definitely equip her with the Crown item to level up faster and the Attractorb to get more experience gems.

She also gets a temporary 17-second bonus of +200% might and +300% movement every time she revives at the cost of -100% cooldown. Plus, after each revive, the length of the bonus increases an additional 17 seconds. Her bonuses and speed make her particularly adept at killing Death.

Luminaire’s early-unlock spell is “deusexmachina” (an appropriate name) but if you want to get her the traditional way, you’ll have to unlock Maruto (evolve SpellStorm) and use him to destroy the Seal of the Abyss in the Abyss Foscari level.

How Spells work in Vampire Survivor

All spells must be entered in the Secret menu, which you can unlock by going to the collection menu and tapping the icon for the Yellow Sign seven times (even if you haven’t acquired it yet). The game will tell you, “You are now a magician,” and the Secret menu will be available on the start screen. The “official” way to unlock the Secret menu is a bit more involved; the above method will save you some time.

Which one character do you like best on the list of the top 8 Vampire Survivors characters to play as? Don’t forget to leave an idea in the comment section below.