Top 10 Android Games Like “God of War Ragnarok” for Fans of Kratos (Include Download Links)

Finding a God of War alternative on your Android? This topic will have you cover the top 10 games for Kratos fans. 

The latest God of War, God of War Ragnarok has taken consoled critics and fans by surprise. Everyone knew it is a big hit, but few expected it to be a contender for game of the year. That’s precisely the situation we find ourselves in with God of War, though. We have prepared a list of God of War like games on Android that are quick to gain the sympathies of all Kratos fans. Mobile gaming is growing in popularity, and this is a great opportunity to explore an extensive list of games that can give a desktop-like experience even on a mobile phone.

Top 10 God of War-like games for Android

I, Gladiator

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I, Gladiator is quick to catch your attention if you’ve already played God of War. It combines an excellent combat system, mythology, and ladies of guts and blood. It’s a multi-award-winning action RPG game that perfectly reflects how bloody and vicious gladiator fights used to be in ancient Rome.

It is not a typical hack and slash game. It offers an advanced combat system but also opens room for a strategy that exposes your enemy’s weaknesses and allows you to defeat them effortlessly. Beating various enemies enables you to win the hearts of the spoiled crowd, but watch out, being reckless could mean losing them pretty fast, and your head too. The game offers an extensive inventory, where you can choose different armors, weapons, and much more.

Infinity Blade III

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No game represents accessible, cinematic hack and slash action on iOS quite like the Infinity Blade franchise. We haven’t had a new entry since 2013, but it’s still a reference point.

While its gameplay is nothing like as free-roaming (or as varied) as God of War, its slick graphics, intuitive combat and fatalistic man-against-gods storyline is definitely of a piece.

Darkness Rises

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This NEXON-powered game is much more than just a simplistic mobile game. It combines breath-taking graphics, an innovative battle system, and a lot of action to bring a PC- or console-quality to your mobile device. Similar to God of War, it has an extensive battle system, which allows you to explore beautiful locations while fighting vicious and powerful bosses.
There are also different heroes at your disposal. You can pick between Berserker and even powerful wizards. Darkness Rises allows unique character creation, while customization allows you to create the warrior who can represent you or anyone else you want.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus might as well have Kratos tattooed on its arm inside a love heart, such is the level of debt it owes to Sony’s franchise.

You play the part of Prometheus, a bloodthirsty titan facing up to the wrath of the ancient gods. There are hordes of enemies to slay and epic boss battles to fight in gory combat. Is any of this ringing any bells?

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

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Unlike God of War, this game comes with a futuristic setting, thousands of years away from God of War. However, when it comes to battle dynamics and the entire fighting system, this game doesn’t go much further from it.

It is like an AAA title got brought to a mobile phone, with professional-grade audio, outstanding visuals, and great voice-acting to introduce the player into the depth of this game’s world. It’s worth checking if you’re looking for a God of War-styled game, but with a future-proof setup.

Eisenhorn: XENOS

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Okay, so Eisenhorn: Xenos’s grimdark sci-fi universe is a world (and several thousand years) away from that of God of Wars. But it’s arguably the most notable console-style action adventure to appear on mobile in recent years.

Besides that, it’s got a familiar blend of third person action and QTE button mashing, as well as a storyline that’s high on the histrionics. Kratos would approve.

Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness

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Blade Bound is an extremely action-focused game with a rich combat system with thousands of combinations. You can explore an immersive world, hunt in the dungeons and unlock powerful loots, fighting against the scary creatures of the underworld.

The game is rich in magic, different diverse creatures, and it sees a true warrior looking for survival and adventure in an anarchy-surrounded world. Despite being a mobile game, it’s equipped with great visuals you’re going to love.

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While we’re on the subject of Norse mythology, Banner Saga is another game that wallows in the stuff. Unlike Lichtspeer, though, it’s no barrel of laughs. In fact, it’s even more ashen faced than grumpy old Kratos.

There’s none of the fast-paced slaughter of God of War here – it’s all turn-based strategy and brutal narrative decision-making. But if the coverage of God of War has gotten you interested in Nordic folklore, Banner Saga (and its equally brilliant sequel) is the place to turn next.

Shadow Fight 3

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This game goes to the far East to demonstrate the world of an epic war. Embark on a journey with the dynasties and a powerful military tribe, the Legion which aims to eliminate dangerous energy which brings discord to the world. Explore unique fighting systems, win fights against the enemies and be rewarded worthy.

The game sports mesmerizing graphics experience, empowering audio and a great variety of quests you can complete to improve your style. Players are offered to combine three fighting styles to their own uniqueness which they can use to fight their foes. If you’re a fan of Japanese mythology and culture, but loved God of War, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with Shadow Fight 3.