The foremost thing you should know is that My Hotpot Story is a classic restaurant manager simulator. From the start, you will be provided with a small eatery, and it depends only on your management whether you will become a successful restaurant owner or bankrupt.

In My Hotpot Story, you will have to unlock new recipes, hire new staff members, change the decor and do everything possible to promote your restaurant. Playing this video game will significantly improve your management skills.

Do recommended tasks

As with any other game, you will start with a small amount of cash in My Hotpot Story. Moreover, getting a stable income and regular clients will take a lot of work. And one of the best things you can do in such a complex situation is to complete Recommended Tasks List.

Developers have created this system, especially for beginners. Here you will be suggested with quests to help you develop your business. Moreover, you will get a significant amount of cash by completing recommended tasks. So, make sure to check the tasks list daily.

Hire new staff

Staff is the most important part of any restaurant, and your one in My Hotpot Story is no exception. You will find out how your staff works at the start of the game. Generally, there are 5 categories of staff:

  • Welcome
  • Waiter
  • Cashier
  • Dispenser
  • Cook

You will reach the best result only if these individuals work in synergy. But the foremost thing you should know is that your staff takes care of the restaurant while you are not playing the game. They will produce money for you until dishes get backed up in the sink. Moreover, professional staff increases the service rating, making your restaurant more expensive.

Decor your restaurant

The foremost thing you should know is that decore in My Hotpot Story has a wide function. It allows you to expand your restaurant and attract more visitors to it. Therefore, you should purchase new furnishing as soon as you fully update your staff.

You only need to tap the Store button and choose the desired decore that will bring you bonuses. And in the list below, you can learn about each type of decoration’s bonuses.

  • Decorations for the kitchen speed up cooking time, significantly increasing your earnings.
  • The outside decor will attract customers’ attention, creating a queue in front of your restaurant.
  • Hall decorations increase the number of sitting places inside the restaurant. Also, it speeds up the dining time, allowing you to serve more individuals per hour.
  • VIP, Theater, and Buffet decor have the same purposes. They unlock new dining areas.

Redeem promo codes

Free resources are always good. And the fact is that redeeming promo codes is one of the best ways to get resources for free in My Hotpot Story. Fortunately, developers regularly add new promo codes to the game. So, just feel free to check the official Facebook page to get the most actual promos in My Hotpot Story.

Unlock and update new recipes

The central part of any restaurant is its menu, and your place in My Hotpot Story is no exception. And one of the most profitable things you can do in this mobile game is to unlock new recipes. At the bottom of the screen, you can find the button Develop. Tap on it and use Dish Elements to unlock dishes randomly. Every time you unlock a new dish, your restaurant rating increases.

Also, you should remember that to unlock dishes, you need to update them. The foremost thing you should know is that every dish has a 5-star rating. The more stars your dish has, the more margin profit you will get by selling it. Moreover, updating dishes also increases your restaurant rating.

In conclusion, developing your restaurant in my Hotpot Story is a complex process. Like in real life, you should consider various aspects and be careful not to make mistakes. Also, you need to log into the game regularly to refresh your automatic earnings.