Guide to Guardian Tales: Start-up advice and tips

Have you downloaded Guardians and then launched it without knowing where to begin or what to do? Would you like to improve your account and master this game? Or perhaps you should just decide where to begin? Guide to Guardian Tales: Start-up Advice and Tips is for you; scroll down to see details.


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Although it may seem obvious, pay attention to the game’s major plot. You won’t want to skip the story because you will first be shown and told about the lore. Second, you might receive some lovely incentives to get you going. For instance, if you complete a 3-star mission, you will receive 50 blue gems.

To access the globe map, click “Adventures”. The campaign stages are located here; as you go through them, additional features and areas become available. Naturally, you can access the subsequent World after finishing the present one. Normal and hard progression are available in each World. throughout exchange for fighting throughout the stages, you can earn money, gear, and companions for your guardian.


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In Guardian Tales, building and improving your squad is crucial. You can accomplish this in one of two ways. Either a mono-element team or a two-element team can be used to play.

It is best to take four guardians who are five-star rarities for a standard squad. Do not disregard the healers either. Favi and Aoba are the ideal choices. Favi can counteract an enemy’s effects. Aoba can be helpful in other places when joined with other characters because she brings some particular combinations.

You should educate yourself on them. Here is a short list of the top defenders by class that frequently show up in player teams:

  • Tanker: Future Princess, Oghma – Sword, Marina, Erina
  • Warrior: Beth, Lilith, Knight – Sword, Plitvice, Eugene
  • Ranged: Future Knight – Rifle, Nari, Mk. 99, Bari, Garam, Arabelle
  • Support: Miya, Gabriel, Kamael, Noxia, Mayreel, Aoba, Karina

Guardian Tales: Best Ranged Team

  • Idol Captain Eva – Support
  • Mad Scientist Gremory – Ranged
  • Mecha Warrior Oghma – Tank
  • Pirate Rachael – Ranged

Guardian Tales: Best Balanced Team

  • Archangel Gabriel – Support
  • God of Harvest Kamael – Support
  • Legendary Hero Erina -Tank
  • Queen Lilith – Warrior

Guardian Tales: Best Melee Team

  • Aspiring Warrior Craig – Tank
  • Drunken Swordmaster Lynn – Warrior
  • Exorcist Miya – Support
  • Future Princess – Tank

But keep in mind that each player mod in the game should have a unique line-up. The problem is that you might engage in direct combat with another player in some mods.

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There are many materials available for purchase, but not all of them are beneficial. Some are available through missions. Here is a list of incredibly helpful things:

  • Battle medals: You can earn battle medals by taking part in the arena or the coliseum. You receive two Battle Medals, which can be used to purchase the accessory whether you win or lose. The Minotaur’s Necklace is the option that we advise.
  • Hero Crystals: At first, you won’t need them, but be careful not to abuse them. Toward the end of the game, they will become increasingly important. After a certain point, you should save them since you’ll need them to upgrade your guardians if you want to move on.
  • Purple Shop: give preference to Stamina grinders.
  • Star Piece: Star Pieces are needed to upgrade your buildings. Everything else can either be sold or thrown away. You should always have approximately 20 Star Pieces.


Any guild that is available to the public is one that you can join. If the guild is open, you can join right away and become a member; if the guild is closed, your application must be accepted by the guild master. You may interact with like-minded people and participate in a variety of engaging guild events by joining one.

Find a lively guild so you can participate in guild activities and get high ranks. You’ll level up more quickly, gain higher rewards, and be able to improve your guardians more effectively.

Be sure to visit the guild headquarters and claim your daily awards. You may get free cash, jewels, and Guardian experience here.


The Guardian Tales producers occasionally provide codes that you must enter in the game to receive in-game rewards. Remember to use them before they expire so that new codes won’t take their place.

  • Having trouble entering a code? Observe these steps to redeem a Guardian Tales coupon with developer gifts:
  • On the home screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Settings menu
  • Choose the “Account Settings” tab, then click “Enter coupon code” and type the actual code into the resulting window
  • Verify the code.

Conclusion: We sincerely hope that Guide to Guardian Tales: Start-up Advice and Tips was helpful and that you are now able to quickly and easily vanquish your adversaries. The game will be a lot simpler to play if you use the above advice.