Free Fire Guides 2022: How to Get Cheap Free Fire Diamonds Via Subscriptions

Diamonds are the in-game currencies in Free Fire. One cannot think of acquiring premium collectibles without spending diamonds.

The subscription (membership) option is considerably inexpensive for obtaining diamonds, among multiple methods. With more diamonds at a lower price, these procedures also facilitate gamers with additional perks.

Free Fire: Explaining the cheaper way to get diamonds (via subscriptions)

Free Fire has two membership options: Weekly membership and monthly membership.

There is also another section called subscription for the weekly membership, which, when enabled, charges the specified amount every week and continues the membership until the user unsubscribes from it.

Both these memberships are worth taking quite a bit. They are separately described in detail in the following section:

1) Weekly membership/subscription

free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 2

The weekly membership lasts for seven days from the day. Users will have to earn diamonds through daily check-ins. It boasts of giving 440% extra privileges. Pricing at $2.17, the weekly subscription offers the following rewards valuing 875 diamonds in total:

Diamond Rewards: An aggregate of 450 diamonds, 100 diamonds instantly, and 35 diamonds via daily check-ins.

Other Rewards: Worth 425 diamonds, users will have access to the following items:

  • Weekly member icon
  • Discount store privilege
  • 8x Universal EP badge
  • 1x Second chance card (used to make up the missed check-ins)

2) Monthly membership

As the name depicts itself, this particular membership will last for 30 days when purchased. Notably, the monthly membership is relatively cheaper than the weekly membership. It serves users with 616% extra benefits.
free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 3
Pricing at $10.93, the monthly membership offers the following rewards equivalent to 6150 diamonds:
Diamond Rewards: 2600 diamonds, in which 500 diamonds can be claimed immediately and the remaining 2100 diamonds through daily check-ins.
Other Rewards: Auxiliary collectibles worth 3500 diamonds. They are as follows:
  • Monthly member icon
  • Discount store privilege
  • 5x Second chance
  • 60x Universal EP badge
  • Weapon skin gift box (unlock a skin valid for 30 days)

How to purchase membership in Free Fire?

Adhere to the simple steps below to get more diamonds at a lower price via membership/subscriptions:

Step 1: Make sure you have sufficient balance in the app stores linked to Free Fire. E.g., Google Play Store.

Step 2: Log in to the shooter and tap on the ‘Card’ icon given on the middle-top side of the lobby.

Step 3: Choose one of the two membership options. If users want to continue their weekly membership without any pause, they can check the box asking for a subscription.

Step 4: Confirm the payment and enjoy the earlier mentioned perks straight away.

Download Free Fire on Appvn website

This is an APK file so you couldn’t install it right away because of a security block put into place.

To bypass this download restriction and install APK files from unknown sources, navigate to one of these menus:

Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps

Settings > Apps and notifications

Settings > Security

Depending on your device, you might need to give a specific app, such as Chrome, permission to install unofficial APK files. Or, if you see it, enable Install Unknown Apps or Unknown sources.

Once done, now follow these steps to have the app/game available on your phone.

  • Step 1: Click on this link Appvn, you will see Appvn interface like the picture below

free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 4

  • Step 2: To download, type on the Appvn search bar “Free Fire”. On-screen, there will be a list of apps/ games shown that have similar names to watch you are finding.

free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 5

  • Step 3: Now, click on the exact Free Fire version you want in the list. Free Fire will appear on the screen, below its name, there are several download options ranging from the latest to the oldest version of the app/game

free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 6

  • Step 4: Click on the latest version on those links (based on the date included)
  • Step 5: The download interface will show up. Wait till the “Download Apk” button appear, click on that button.

free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 7

  • Step 6: You may see a warning message displaying “This type of file can harm your device,” accept it by pressing “Download”

free-fire-2022-how-to-get-cheap-free-fire-diamonds-via-subscriptions 8

  • Step 7: Once done, tap on the APK file you downloaded to install.


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