5 new mobile games this week – October 6th, 2022

What new games landed on mobile this week? This list rounded up the 5 most prominent names that will pique your interest no matter what your favorite genre is. 

Read on and find the best new mobile game this week!

New mobile games of the week


Publisher: Netflix
Available on: iOS + Android + Steam + Switch
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Multiplayer, Platform, Simulation

Exclusively available to Netflix subscribers, this mobile management game tasks players with ferrying souls into the afterlife across an emotional journey aboard a boat. As Stella, players will spend time with their otherworldly passengers and make memories with them before trying their best to say goodbye when they move on to a different plane.

The game also features stunning hand-drawn art as well as fun little extras that let players farm, fish, mine, craft, weave and cook in their spare time. Players can also customize their character and their boat to suit their personalities best.

Desta: The Memories Between

Developer: ustwo games
Available on: iOS + Android + Steam
Genre: Action

This exclusive Netflix title takes players on a journey through a dreamlike world as they try to learn the truth about their past and relive their memories along the way. The game features turn-based character-driven mechanics across a ball game with roguelite elements – plus, memorable characters are waiting to be discovered as Desta succumbs to the dreamworld every night.

The game also boasts themes on gender identity, mental health and self-reflection among other issues, with stylised visuals and a compelling protagonist.


Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Adventure

Another Netflix exclusive, Oxenfree follows the tale of Alex – a teenager with a rebellious streak. When she brings her stepbrother Jonas to a party to celebrate a senior-year tradition, supernatural events crash the festivities as the cryptic past of the island slowly reveals itself.

The game lets players explore the haunted island and communicate with supernatural elements with a radio dial. Players’ choices will have lasting consequences here, as decisions made not only affect relationships but also otherworldly repercussions. If you’re curious, you can have a look at our review of the game to get a feel of its vibes.

SpongeBob: Get Cooking

Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Simulation

Continuing the streak of Netflix exclusives on this list, SpongeBob: Get Cooking lets players fire up the grill in Bikini Bottom as they embark on a culinary adventure with the gang from the popular Nickelodeon franchise. Players can build and manage their own kitchen and customise it to their liking, serving their guests and keeping customers satisfied to rake in all the dough.

The game also features fan-fave locales in the SpongeBob universe along with iconic characters such as Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs and Squidward. Characters can also be dressed up in fancy outfits with all the humor of the show.

Eldrum: Red Tide

Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: RPG

This unique RPG puts text front and centre as players explore a dark fantasy tale about a soldier on the hunt for his family. Players can give the first act a go for free to see if it’s their cup of tea.

The game pays homage to nostalgic table-top RPGs, and boasts plenty of secrets players can uncover as they build their character throughout the game. Players’ choices will have lasting consequences across multiple endings, boosting the replayability of the title. It features accessibility options for blind and low-vision players as well.

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