What Are Top 5 Puzzle Platformer Games?

There are some pretty good mobile platformers out there. Here are the top 5 best puzzle platformer games. 

Puzzle platformer games are one of the oldest genres in all video games and it’s also one of the most popular. Almost everyone who games has played at least one platformer, usually something super popular like the Mario franchise. Platforming on mobile has only evolved to its current state over the last few years.

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Dead Cells

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Dead Cells is one of the best puzzle platformer games. Players jump around levels while avoiding obstacles and killing bad guys. Additionally, the game features roguevania elements so the in-game world is interconnected and players can explore it at will. Some other features include wicked smooth gameplay, an auto-hit mode, custom software controls, hardware controller support, and more. The graphics are a bit retro, but everything else feels super modern.


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Gris is a beautiful game. This is the inevitable first impression. The lovely artwork only grows more lovely the further in you get. Watercolor skies; luminescent caverns; radiant vines and flowers.

It is very much a game, however. This is no walking simulator, no interactive movie. Gris is a platformer with lots of very clever puzzles. It has some elements of a Metroidvania, though I wouldn’t classify it as such.

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Super Mario Run

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We may catch a little flack for this one, but that’s okay. Super Mario Run is actually one of the better mobile puzzle platformers. It doesn’t adhere to classic Mario mechanics, though. Mario runs forward through each level. Your goal is to collect as many coins as you can. There are mini-challenges like collecting purple coins as well. It also has online multiplayer elements and other game mechanics to play with.


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Oddmar is another one of the best puzzle platformer games on the list. It’s by the same developers of Leo’s Fortune, a classic platformer on mobile. Oddmar follows the story of a disgraced Viking. You help Oddmar get his dignity back through the course of the game. Levels each have three-star ratings for replay value and the game has super simple controls. The game features 24 levels, Google Play Games cloud saving, support for hardware controllers, and more.


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Limbo is a classic mobile game but still one of the better puzzle platformer games. You walk your way through Limbo to save your sister from Limbo. There are a variety of puzzles to deal with and most of them involve platformer mechanics. The atmospheric music and graphics lend to a unique gaming experience copied many times by competitors later on. At its core, though, it’s a smooth, 2D side scroller with a decent little narrative.

If you have any recommendations for the best puzzle platformer games, tell us about them in the comments!


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