Top 5 Best Fighting Games Online Multiplayer

Good fighting games Android are hard to find, especially multiplayer games. Thankfully, there are at least a few, so here are the best fighting games online multiplayer!

Fighting games online multiplayer may not be the most popular genre anymore, but the people who still love the genre are among the most loyal of any gamers. Unfortunately, fighting games haven’t been as popular or successful on Android as many would’ve hoped and there aren’t many amazing options available. However, you’ll still want an emulator if you want something competitively fun. In any case, if you want to give it a shot, here are the best multiplayer fighting games for android.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2

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Starting off the list of fighting games online multiplayer, we have Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2.

These are two fo the most popular fighting games online multiplayer. However, like most popular multiplayer fighting games for android, the mechanics for both are a little bogus. It’s mostly just tapping a bunch of times until someone wins. Aside from that, they with a decent roster of DC Comics heroes, tons of stuff to do in the game, and online multiplayer.

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Mortal Kombat 

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Mortal Kombat is another fighting games android by Warner Bros with roughly the same mechanics with Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2. Neither of these games are great, but they’re both decent time killers.

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Real Steel Series

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Real Steel is a series of robot fighting games from Reliance Games. Unlike most, these titles feature arcade style fighting controls. That means you’ll have to move and hit on your own. There are four games in the robot fighting series, each with their own set of mechanics, looks, and stuff to do. The most popular one, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, includes customization, multiplayer, and a couple of other play modes. The latest game in the series is World Robot Boxing 2 and it has reasonably decent reviews. These are on the higher end of the fighting games online multiplayer.

Prizefighters – One Of The Best Fighting Games Online Multiplayer

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Prizefighters is another one of the newer fighting games android. It’s a retro-style boxing game similar to those from the SNES era (the 1990’s). It features simple controls, player and ring customization, a progression system, social features, and more. The developers also promise online multiplayer at some point. That should elevate an already above average experience. This is a good one for fans of retro fighting games. The in-app purchases aren’t as bad as competitors, either.

Eternity Warriors 2

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This multiplayer game has PVP mode and cooperative multi-playing and also, has astonishing play mechanics. The play mechanics in this game are very advanced and also the graphic if of average level.

While playing this game, you can fight your rivals online and team up with your friends. You can also go against other individuals and play a death dealing combat.

What is good with this game is that it is free to download as a mobile application on your android cell phone. It’s one of the free online multiplayer games that you’ll have a blast playing.

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If we missed any of the best fighting games online multiplayer, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.


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