Pokemon UNITE Announces Next Character Addition in June

Pokemon flavored MOBA, Pokemon UNITE, has officially announced its next character addition coming on June 8th in the form of the Fire/Psychic Pokemon Delphox.

This addition to the already massive roster will offer up a fun new way to beat the competition, especially for those of you that are already fans of one of the more popular Pokemon in history.

Delphox, the evolution of Braxien, is one of those humanoid design Pokemon, sporting a fox-based style that is also loosely based on a Japanese monk outfit. Combine this with their Fire abilities and Psychic abilities, which it controls by wielding a wand, and you have one of the more unique additions to this roster, as well as one that a lot of fans will be pleased with, as Delphox is a pretty popular Pokemon.

Delphox’s arrival comes about a month after a leak that said the Fox Pokemon and Espeon will be the next addons to the UNITE roster, so while nothing is confirmed, you can nearly assuredly bet on the announcement of Espeon in the near future as well. These are two very much loved members of the massive amount of modern-day Pokemon, so this news should excite fans of UNITE and Pokemon in general.

And for those of you unaware, Pokemon UNITE is Nintendo’s answer to the MOBA craze, competing with games like Wild Rift and Arena of Valor. The difference here is, of course, that UNITE features the beloved Pokemon we all know and grew up with. Utilizing teamwork and abilities unique to whichever Pokemon you end up choosing to play, you’ll do battle in a 3v3 arena or a 4v4 one, and fight to the top of ranked ladders or casual play.

If that sounds good to you, or if you’re just a fan of Delphox, you should definitely give Pokemon UNITE a shot. To do so, you can download it for free on the App Store and Appvn.

(Cre: PocketGamer)


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