Full Guides To Play Spells Of Genesis Crypto Game

What is Spells Of Genesis crypto game? How to play and earn on this NFT game? Where to download the game? Let’s find the answers with our topic!

What is Spells Of Genesis Crypto game?

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a blockchain-based puzzle game with a fantasy RPG feel. Because it features characters found on digital cards, it can also be described as a collectible card game (CCG).

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Spells of Genesis can be played on an iOS or Android device, as well as through a PC web-browser.

So, where to download Spellsofgenesis game?

Download Spells Of Genesis NFT Game APK Now

Spells Of Genesis game guide for beginners

Spellsofgenesis gameplay

Unlike some other blockchain-based games, Spells of Genesis features real and exciting gameplay, requiring a dexterity to point and shoot at your enemies, and strategic skills.

You start with a deck of four cards – your Team. Aim with your finger and then release the screen to shoot. Your goal is to hit your enemies as many times as possible. Each time you hit an enemy, you inflict them a certain damage. Try to destroy them before they shoot in their turn!

Each card has a unique set of characteristics (health, speed,…) and some have a special power – “spell”. Cast your spells at your enemies to inflict them more damage or to protect your Team!

So, What is spell? 

Spells are a key factor in Spells of Genesis. Spells are special cards’ abilities that can have an impact on your own cards or on your enemies. Spells can heal or protect your cards, or increase the damage you will inflict to your enemies.

Each card can have one spell that is cast automatically on a random place on the battlefield at the start of the card’s turn. To activate the spell, you have to hit it with a shot.

How to start playing Spells of genesis crypto game? 

Folow these steps: 

full-guides-to-play-spells-of-genesis-crypto-game 1

  • Choose an Ethereum and/or Counterparty (BTC) blockchain wallet: 
full-guides-to-play-spells-of-genesis-crypto-game 2
full-guides-to-play-spells-of-genesis-crypto-game 3
  • Bind your wallet to your game account

In order to be able to play your blockchain cards in SoG, you need to enable the game to see which blockchain cards are in your wallet.

Use blockchain cards in-game

– Trade cards on secondary market
– Unlock “blockchainization” feature

  • Start collecting Blockchain cards and enjoy the game

full-guides-to-play-spells-of-genesis-crypto-game 4

These are in-game cards. Blockchain cards can be acquired in-game, but only exist on the developer’s central server. However, some of the cards are blockchain cards. These usually must be bought from a merchant or from the developer.

Blockchain cards can be purchased at Askian Merchant. You can also buy (or sell) blockchain cards on the secondary market.

You can also convert your quad-fused, max upgraded in-game cards into blockchain cards. This can be done up to three times per month at the following cost:

– 1st card: 200 crystals

– 2nd card: 35 gems

– 3rd card: 150 gems

Play-to-Earn Mechanisms In Spells Of Genesis NFT

Spells of Genesis’ play-to-earn model rewards players with crypto that can be converted to cash in exchange for time spent on the game. In this case, money should not be seen as currencies, but as a value in particular. Players can exchange their earnings in DAI or cards for other valuables.

BitCrystal Technology

full-guides-to-play-spells-of-genesis-crypto-game 5

Spells of Genesis is mostly a centralized game that runs on the developer’s server. If you simply want to have fun playing the game, you can do so without using any new technology.

But if you want to collect the SoG blockchain cards, here is how the technology of these cards works:

Spells of Genesis uses a system called BitCrystal. BitCrystal is a smart contract protocol developed specifically for games. It allows games to create unique tokens for in-game assets.

All buy or sell transactions for these game assets are recorded within the BitCrystal system, keeping them out of the developer’s hands and allowing for decentralized ownership.

BitCrystal runs on the Counterparty platform, which is a general-purpose smart contract platform running on the Bitcoin blockchain. Counterparty encodes smart-contract transactions as extra data in Bitcoin transactions.

Theoretically, using Counterparty should make BitCrystal more secure than other gaming platforms, since the Bitcoin blockchain has the most hash power of any blockchain network (and is therefore the most secure from double-spend attacks).

Yet it should also provide advantages found in other smart contract platforms such as Ethereum.

Despite this security, Bitcrystal is not as popular as other gaming platforms that use Ethereum, such as EMONT, LOOM, or Enjin Coin.

And it’s native currency, BCY, is less liquid than the currencies of these other platforms. This can create a problem for users, since they will have to sell their SoG cards for BCY and use BCY to buy the cards.

Collectors who are considering buying SoG cards should keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind when making a decision.

Is Spells Of Genesis Worth Playing And Investing? 

We found Spells of Genesis to be an extremely fun game. In fact, we found it to be more fun than just about any other “blockchain game” we’ve reviewed in the past.

So, with all the game great features, why not download Spells of genesis crypto now and enjoy?

Download Spells Of Genesis NFT Game APK Now

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