CryptoCars Beginner Guides: How to Play and Earn?

Here are detailed guidelines to play and earn in CryptoCars NFT game!

CryptoCars is a car racing game that allows players to own their in-game items (cars, workshops, materials) as NFTs. Players can craft, decorate, upgrade a car, and race against each other to win different rewards.

VNSmartChain launched the game in 2021, and it already has a huge user base. CryptoCars has more than 673,000 players and has processed $188 million in-game transactions.

How to start playing CryptoCars? 

Buzzing to try the game?

Here are 5 easy steps that will get you started:

Step 1: Buy CCAR Token

You need to first buy the CCAR token. A minimum of 600 CCAR is required to get your first car. You can buy the coin on a crypto exchange like Gate.ioPancakeSwap, and then import it into MetaMask on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

Step 2: Log on to the CryptoCars website and buy a new blind box.

Sign in with your MetaMask wallet on the BSC network and buy 1 box for 600 CCAR. Open it to get your first car.

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Step 3: Buy a plate number and 5 days refueling for 20 CCAR

The current market price of CCAR is $0.20, so you’ll need to invest around $130-$140 to play the game.

Step 4: Choose your mode – virtual race, PvC or PvP.

To play PvC, you’ll need a username and password.

Step 5: Download the game HERE and Enjoy!

How to play CryptoCars? 

Your goal in CryptoCars is to win different races (PvP, PvC, Virtual). You get in-game tokens, experience points, and materials when you win. The main currency of CryptoCars is its native CCAR, a BEP-20 token.

If you want to start racing, you need cars and fuel. Each car has a different fuel capacity, so you might need more or less fuel, depending on your car. You can refill your car only once a day, which costs around 2 CCAR.

The cars have four different attributes that determine who wins the race – speed, power, drift and fuel. When you win a race, you get an item box that has materials in it. You can use these materials to upgrade your car in a workshop.

CryptoCars has its own marketplace, so you can easily sell your car for CCAR.

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The cars have four different classes:

  • Common
  • Classic
  • Supercar
  • Rare

The higher your car’s class is, the better your car is. You can also fuse two different cars into one. Each car depreciates daily, so after a certain period of time, you’d have to fix it for 60 CCAR or buy a new car to race.

But the cars are not the most valuable digital assets in the game. The most valuable assets are the car workshops. If you own a car workshop, you’ll get paid every time someone refuels or upgrades their car in your workshop. Also, you can rent cars from other players for a car show, and you get to keep a percentage of the profits.

CryptoCars auctioned around 20 workshops initially. It was a roaring success –  one of the workshops was auctioned for around $354,000 worth of CCAR. Bonkers, I know!

What are CryptoCars’s Game Modes?

CryptoCars has three modes – PvC, PvP and virtual races. To win a PvC or a PvP race, you need power, speed and drift points. The virtual race is a quick simulation.

Each time you hit a car, your power will decrease. If you crash with too many cars, you’ll run out of power and fail to reach the final.

The speed of your car depends on the upgrades you made. During the race, you can also use boosters to move faster than other players.

There are also drift points. The more drift points your car has, the easier it will be to change lanes. Also, these points give you a higher chance to preserve your power when your hit other cars.

Here’s more information about the three different game modes:

1. PvC Racing

You compete against the computer. Each race costs 15 fuel, and when you win, you can get on-road items, XP or CCAR tokens.

2. PvP Racing

You race against 3 other players that are at a similar level. You’ll need to contribute 10 CCAR to enter the race. If you win, you’ll get 20 CCAR. For second and third place, you get 14 and 2 CCAR. The person that finishes last doesn’t get anything.

3. Virtual Races

The virtual race in CryptoCars is a simulation against random opponents. To compete in a virtual race, you need to spend 15 fuel, enter the captcha and wait for 30 seconds to know the result. If you want, you can speed up the race using the Quick Race Feature, so you don’t have to wait. It costs 1 CCAR for a turn.

The winner of this race is based on the stats of their car. As rewards, they can get materials, XP and CCAR.

How to make money in CryptoCars? 

CryptoCars allows people to earn passive income in two ways:

  1. Rent their car to a car workshop for a show and get a percentage of the profits.

  2. Buy shares of a car workshop.

Active CryptoCars players can earn CCAR by:

  • Winning PvC, PvP and virtual races.

  • Selling items they get from the item box.

  • Upgrading and selling their car on the marketplace.

  • Selling their shares of a car workshop.

That’s all for CryptoCars instruction. For more NFT games, check out THIS LINK

Download CryptoCars for free HERE


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