Top 10 Best RTS Games For Android To Play While Quarantine

Quarantine is the perfect time to curl up on your couch with your favorite genre game. Turn on the best RTS games for android on this list for fulfilling moments.

Rebel Inc.

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Opening the best RTS games for Android, we have Rebel Inc. The game has the same excellent design as its predecessor. Players will assume the role of appointed administrator of a suffering region after a major war. Your duty is to help the populator rebuild the life land while also prevent any outbreak of rebel. The game is full of tough choices that require you consider carefully before making any decision. It also has challenging tactic gameplay as you struggle to pin down enemy insurgents and prevent them from doing too much harm. So, for fans of android real-time strategy games, this is a great option to play, especially during this chaotic time.

Plague Inc.

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If you are fan of Rebel Inc., Plague Inc. is a title you shouldn’t miss. The game is always considered as the superior prequel of Rebel Inc. Plague Inc. has you create a pathogen, and work to spread it across the world, ending civilisation as we know it. Topical, eh? The game is a unique mixture of strategy and realistic simulation, and it’s definitely worth checking out, no matter your strategy tastes Finding some best RTS games for android, this game is the perfect fit for you.

Element – One of the best RTS games for android

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Element includes a unique and streamlined design, which makes it a very accessible strategy game among others. With the game, you can balance the production of resources with the construction of units to either defend your base or attack your foes. The matches are short, and the AI is a pretty decent challenge, so you won’t want entertainment.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

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The latest entry in the acclaimed Kingdom Rush tower defense series has caused no small amount of controversy, which is likely to continue with its inclusion in this list. It all depends on how bothered you are by the game’s slightly too persistent micro-transactions. They are the only blemish on what is otherwise a stellar real-time strategy experience. The in-app purchases are completely optional and unnecessary, but they’re just a tad too pushy.

But if you’re willing to look past that, you’ll find another excellent tower defense game, and one with plenty of humor and content to last you a decent amount of time.


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With the high-quality gameplay Dominations provide, this game deserves to be love and get the higher rank on the best RTS games for android. The game boast a perfect combination of Civilization and Clash of Clans, with empires spanning the Iron Age to space age, with wonders to build, raids to conduct, and all the usual trappings.

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Iron Marines

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The iron marines are a space-trotting, world-saving team of elite squads tasked with putting out fires and defeating hostiles wherever needed. The elevator pitch for the game would be Starcraft but not? There is a home base that usually has to be fortified and defended, additional refineries to secure more resources, and a handful of units.

XCOM: Enemy Within

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Still the golden standard for the best RTS games for Android, XCOM: Enemy Within offers extreme, squad-based combat, constantly challenging your ability to scrape victory from defeat. Players make decisions in both the overworld and the in between-scenarios, deciding which soldiers to recruit, and what tech to research, which is every bit as important as the choices you make in the heat of battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics

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Though an oldie to some extent, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is a great little of android real time strategy games. Originally launched in 2007, mobile received its very own version a few years later. If as with Banner Saga, you enjoy the deep investment of narrative RPGs with a compliment of tactics-based play on the side, this game is the perfect fit for you.

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

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This strategy RPG is based within the Warhammer setting of Age of Sigmar, and sees you gather a party of champions to take on the many trails of the Silver Tower. While you can equip your heroes with armor and weapons, what Silver Tower specializes in, is short tactical micro-battles, letting you dip in and out of the game at will. See our Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower review for more info.

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XCOM 2 Collection

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Let’s close the list of RTS games for android with a classic title. This game is truly excellent amongst the genre. The game is a great way for new players to discover what makes the series special. Whether it’s the high difficulty, the action-filled setting, or its smart tactics play, the game really is a summary of all that is great in XCOM. The game is now available on Android, so let’s download it now for not missing a great RTS game title.

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Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this list of best RTS games for android will satisfy you in this hard moment. Don’t forget to visit our blog every day to update more game news and interesting game collections. 

Stay safe and enjoy the games.


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