Steps First in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for Beginners

The enormous size of the landscape and the abundance of activities in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom make it simple to wonder if Steps First is intended for beginners.

Even if you’re trying to concentrate just on the main plot, side quests, treasure hunts, and other travelers who may provide advice on interesting places to explore are likely to divert you.

Steps First in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for Beginners

Don’t worry if you’re feeling intimidated. The initial steps you should take in Tears of the Kingdom are covered in this beginner’s guide, from quality-of-life adjustments that make traveling much easier to mechanics that will aid you throughout the entire adventure.

Take archaic warm greaves with you when leaving the start area

In Tears of the Kingdom, cold resistance should not be taken lightly, so having the appropriate gear is crucial. On the eastern side of the map, in the Great Sky Island, is where you’ll find the Zonai Dispenser. You can enter a large tree that has been cut in half that you can see on the walk there, close to the Bottomless Cave.

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There is a chest with the Archaic Warm Greaves within, along with various useful items. They help with cold resistance in addition to having a fantastic appearance. If you missed it, you can always go back and get it later, but you should try to avoid making a second trip if you can.

This armor piece will be very useful for the remainder of your adventure, especially if you intend to visit Rito Village. Our dedicated best armor page, where we discuss additional pieces and sets that you should be on the lookout for, had to include it because we loved it so much.

Right away after you the ground go to the castle ruins

You might be tempted to just wander and explore after the tutorial. That is undoubtedly true, however you should stick to the main questline and go to the castle ruins when instructed.

Purah will give you instructions on how to unlock the paraglider, which is necessary for the adventure, when you get back to Lookout Landing. Never venture into the woods without it!

Go to lookout landing (and do it over and over again)

Lookout Landing is the first village you encounter for a reason. Despite Hyrule’s size, this hub serves as the experience’s focal point.

If you speak with Purah after being given the assignment to visit the four major regions, she will immediately mark them on your map. Speaking with Robbie will generate a number of leads regarding the potential of your Purah Pad. Later on, a refinery will also appear, and the armor parts at the clothes store will change based on how far along in the main tale you are.

Basically, check on Lookout Landing as soon as you can, then check in sometimes, making sure to talk to the important characters.

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Connect with these shrines to easily make your life

Unlocking a fast travel point to a shrine doesn’t need you to complete it. All it takes in Tears of the Kingdom is for you to engage with it.

Always engage with shrines you come across in Hyrule, even if you don’t want to work on the puzzles they contain just yet. This is especially helpful for areas you’re merely traveling through because it will make getting back there later much simpler. Also, there are frequently adjacent shrines that can be activated to facilitate global travel for locations that lack direct fast travel gateways.

Here are a few tips for shrines that function as early-on quick trip locations:

  • On your route to the Castle Ruins, pass through the Kyonosis Shrine, which is perfect for the inescapable backtracking.
  • Northeast of Lookout Landing, next to Woodland Stable, is the Ekochiu Shrine.
  • Makasura Shrine is a fantastic location for quick transit for the town because it is east of Hyrule Field and just before Kakariko Village.
  • Sinakawak Shrine is well located for getting to New Serenne Stable as it is northwest of Lookout Landing.
  • Orochium Shrine: A helpful location for getting to the Snowfield Stable, it is up north close to the Tabantha Tundra.

Head to this tower

I advise going to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower at the coordinates (-1903, 1243, 0297) after you have access to Skyview Towers at Lookout Landing. All you have to do is keep traveling north on the main road into Hyrule Ridge until you come upon the tower on the hill.

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Early in your playthrough, when foes are more amenable and resources are plentiful, this is a nice region to explore. Additionally, you’ll be one step closer to Rito Village, which will make your eventual visit much simpler.

From that point on, you can keep taking on the towers gradually or quickly to finish them as soon as you can.

Stop by new serenne stable

Although the stable at Lookout Landing isn’t immediately accessible, one may be found close by that can be useful. New Serenne Stable can be found by following the main road northwest of Lookout Landing to the coordinates (-1349, 0736, 0085).

It’s easy to register a horse early on at New Serenne Stable, making it simpler to travel the roads until you get the hang of creating Zonai devices. Additionally, stables are excellent locations for travelers to congregate and exchange quest and treasure leads.

Most importantly, conversing with the counter clerk will activate the Pony Points system, which offers a variety of benefits, like a harness for your horse and a pass to stay in stables for nothing.

A traversal advantage is provided by taking on main story temples

There are distinct environmental issues in each of Hyrule’s four major zones, making travel quite challenging. Thankfully, by finishing the main tale temples, you can eliminate the dangers of each key village.

The Rito Village is where we advise beginning. Purah will advise you to visit the Rito region first at Lookout Landing, and with good reason. The risks you’ll encounter along the trip are rather beginner-friendly as long as you have the best armor parts to withstand the snow up north. In addition, the Wind Temple’s last reward, which I won’t reveal, is definitely worth seeking before the other three.

It’s up to you to decide where to go following Rito Village, but if you need some direction, our Regional Phenomena best order can assist.

As soon as possible, the remaining ability of get link

You’ll notice a hole in your abilities wheel once you’re roaming throughout Hyrule. The one that’s missing from this list is Autobuild, which you can get by finishing Robbie’s primary plot questline. Don’t forget to speak with Robbie at Lookout Landing once you’ve been given the mission to assist the four primary regions.

The mission, suitably titled Camera Work in the Depths, will then have you making your first trip through the Depths. As you go through the game, you’ll gain access to “A Mystery in The Depths,” a second inquiry that leads to Autobuild.

You should give priority to developing this talent because it will enable you to create Zonai structures using schematics rather than having to manually combine materials each time.