Rush Rally Ramping Up For A New Release On Android

The best racing series you’ve never heard of, Rush Rally, is about to get a new mobile entry. Check out this topic for more information!

It’s official, a new Rush Rally is coming to Android, and it recently entered into pre-registration on the Play Store. This is the long-awaited follow-up to Brownmonster Limited’s Rush Rally 3, and this time around, everyone can expect a top-down racer. While we don’t yet know when the game will be released, the fact it’s finally available for pre-registration should signal that we are at the very least nearing that unannounced release date, which is good news for all of you racing fans out there.

Above, you can watch the latest trailer for Rush Rally Origins. As you can see, the series is shifting to a top-down view for Origins, and it looks great in action. Fans of the series can expect 36 brand-new courses along with daytime/weather conditions, all rendered at 60FPS. Global leaderboards are expected, along with controller support.

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Thanks to the recent addition of a description in the Play Store changelog section, we know the game is currently a work in progress with some areas suffering from balance issues, with many fixes coming soon. Of course, it’s not like we can install the game right now since it only recently popped up for pre-registration, but it’s nice to know the developer is working to make sure Rush Rally Origins will land as a polished release.

We may not know when Rush Rally Origins will land on Android, but that release should be soon if the new pre-registration listing on the Play Store is anything to go by. It’s definitely nice to know Origins will offer 60FPS gameplay along with controller support, something all mobile games should offer, in my opinion. Of course, if you’d like to receive a notification whenever the game launches to take a look for yourself, feel free to pre-register through the Play Store widget below.

Rush Rally Origins Pre Register

Or, Play Rush Rally Series Here:

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