Guide to obtaining the Zora Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You can swim more quickly and scale waterfalls with the aid of the Armor, Greaves, and Helm. So, don’t miss out on the article below about how to obtain the Zora Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Link wearing the full Zora Armor set and looking very happy about it in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Zora Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides slightly less defense compared to the basic Hylian Armor set, but nothing compares to its benefits when you’re swimming — or when you wanna look good for Prince Sidon.

You’ll find the first piece of the Zora Armor set during the “Sidon of the Zora” main story quest. The other pieces have their own dedicated side quests to complete after you finish saving Zora’s Domain (again) :

  • Zora Armor: Allows you to swim up waterfalls.
  • Zora Greaves: Increases your swim speed.
  • Zora Helm: Gives Link a spin attack while swimming.

The Zora Armor chest piece is fairly easy to obtain — and super useful if you want to get to the Upload Zorana Tower. However, the other pieces take a bit more work to find.

Our Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor guide will help you find all three Zora Armor locations, as well as walk you through the steps needed to complete their corresponding quests.



Once you reach Zora’s Domain, you’ll be able to finish the “Sludge-Covered Statue” main quest and start the “Sidon of the Zora” main quest. When you meet Sidon’s fiancée, Lady Yona, in the Zora’s Domain infirmary, she’ll say she’s got the Zora Armor for you, but needs an ancient arowana to repair it. This starts the “Restoring the Zora Armor” main quest.

You can source this fish either by finding Dento, as Yona suggests, or returning to the Great Sky Island, both of which are outlined in more detail on our ancient arowana locations page.

Wherever you collect the ancient arowana, return it to Yona in Misha’s Court, and she’ll give you the Zora Armor chest piece. This will give you the ability to swim up waterfalls.


After you complete the “Sidon of the Zora” main quest, head to Zora’s Domain and speak with Yona again. She’ll want to give you the Zora Greaves as a reward for your efforts, but she won’t be able to pinpoint where they are — just that they’re in the Ancient Zora Waterworks. This starts the “A Token of Friendship” side quest.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom map showing the the location of the entrance to the Ancient Zora Waterworks and the Zora greaves location.

Head to the Ancient Zora Waterworks through the whirlpool in the East Reservoir Lake to the east of Zora’s Domain.

Drop through the hole at the bottom of the waterworks to find a Stone Talus. You don’t have to fight it, but it’ll drop a lot of valuable ore when you defeat it, along with a luminous Stone Talus heart.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link in the Ancient Zora Waterworks running past a waterfall with an arrow pointing to a cave behind it. The Zora greaves are in a chest in the cave.To the southwest of where you fight it, look for a cave behind a waterfall. You’ll find a chest with the Zora Greaves inside up some stairs behind that waterfall at (3585, 0247, -0103). The greaves increase your swim speed.


Back in Zora’s Domain, you’ll find two Zora named Khira and Chroma in the throne room complaining about being unable to find the Zora Helm. Listening to them starts “The Never-Ending Lecture” side quest.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom map showing the location of the Zora helm on Floating Scales Island.

The fish Khira and Chroma were talking about is not an actual fish, but rather a place — specifically the Floating Scales Island that you visited during the “Clues to the Sky” main quest. Fast travel to Ihen-a Shrine and then paraglide east to land on the island.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link standing on Floating Scales Island looking at the cave hiding the Zora Helm.

Head southeast to the fish’s tail, and then stand along the edge on the north side. Look back up along the fish’s side to spot a small cave just below the surface. Paraglide (or climb) down into it to find the chest with the Zora Helm inside at (4094, 0529, 0586). The helm adds a spin attack when you’re swimming.


Wearing any one piece of the Zora Armor set will get you the Swim Speed Up effect — along with each piece’s special ability we listed above. Wearing multiple pieces of the set will increase the effect’s potency.

You’ll be able to upgrade the Zora Armor set at a Great Fairy Fountain. The first round of enhancements costs you 3 Lizalfos horns (and 10 rupees) per item, and the second needs 5 Lizalfos talon and 5 Hyrule bass (and 50 rupees) per item.

Once you enhance the entire set to level two and wear all three pieces, you’ll get the Swim Dash Stamina Up set bonus.