WidiLand NFT Game – Beginner’s Guide to Play and Earn

To support you guys who have never landed WidiLand before, we give you clear guidance for beginners.

WidiLand is a multiplayer blockchain-based game where players can explore and build a new world on the WidiLand planet. In the metaverse of WidiLand, players’ mission is to rebuild civilization from scratch and manage the civilization that players’ have created by increasing production and expanding territory. Being a play-to-earn game, WidiLand allows players to earn WIDI Tokens, the game’s official cryptocurrency, and other rewards while exploring and developing in the game.

Download WidiLand for free HERE

WidiLand Gameplay

To be able to survive on the WidiLand planet, players have to build up their food and energy supply areas as soon as possible. There are some professions for characters to help players along the way, such as; farming, breeding, cooking, and mining. To be able to perform these activities, players have to own characters with suitable jobs for the task.

In the metaverse, players can summon a new soul – a playable, NFT character- by matching two NFT characters. A new soul will inherit its predecessors’ genes and characteristics. By burning some WSO tokens, players can complete this summoning process and can use this newly summoned soul in all activities in the game like any other in-game character.

As well as NFT characters, the land on the WidiLand planet is a major element in the metaverse. The characteristics of the land determine its capabilities: players can’t grow vegetation on a barren piece of land for example. With that in mind, players have to approach land usage with a strategic perspective because there are 6 different types of land with different levels of rarities, and they can be used for different purposes. Players can build structures on these lands such as farms, pastures, storages, order boards, marketplaces, and machines. The lands can be bought from the marketplace or can be earned as rewards by participating in different activities/events.

At the beginning of the WidiLand journey, every new player will acquire 1 Crop (suitable for agriculture) Land, and three default professionals: farmer, breeder, and cook. These default characters, however, are non-NFT assets. From this point on, players will make their paths and begin to explore the WidiLand planet.

How to play and earn Widiland


1. Instructions To Install And Create The Metamask Wallet On Chrome Browser

Step 1: Visit https://metamask.io/, click “Download Now”.

Step 2: Click “Install MetaMask for Chrome” and the browser will bring you to the Chrome web store.

Step 3: Select “Get Chrome Extension” ⇒ “Add to chrome” ⇒ “Add extension” ⇒ Done.
After adding, you will see the icon of the MetaMask on the browser like this.

Step 4: Click on the “Fox Icon” of the MetaMask as above. Then click “Get Started”, click “Create a wallet” to create a wallet.

Step 5: Enter Import Wallet if you already have a wallet and remember “Private Key”, if not, click Create a Wallet to create a new wallet.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 4

Step 6: Read the terms carefully and select I Agree. Then enter a password for the wallet, enter it twice to confirm. Remember to tick “I have read and agree to the Term of use”.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 5

Step 7: Next you need to save 12 recovery phrases, these 12 phrases are very important to help secure your wallet, if you lose this, you will lose your account. Please save these 12 characters and keep them safe.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 6

Step 8: MetaMask will ask to confirm those 12 seed phrases again, choose the words in the correct order and click “Confirm” to finish the wallet creation process.

2. How To Connect Metamask Wallet With Binance Smart Chain?

Step 1: Once you’ve successfully set up your MetaMask (MM) wallet, you can access it on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Open the wallet and click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the screen.

You will get the option to open your wallet on an expanded screen.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 7

Step 2:

Once you select the second option, you will be redirected to your wallet on a new tab.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 8


Choose “Add Network”

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 9


Step 3:

You must then click on “Add Network” to add BSC. You will be asked to enter technical information about the network that you want to add. For Binance Smart Chain, fill out the information given below:

For Mainnet

​​Network Name: Smart Chain

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:


widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 10


Step 4: Once you’ve copied and pasted all the information onto your MM wallet, you can go ahead and click on “Save”.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 11


Once you come out of the “Settings” tab, you will notice that your wallet now features the BNB symbol and right under “Assets”, BNB has been added. BNB is the native token on the BSC. If you have done everything correctly, then your wallet screen will look like this.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 12


1. What is WIDI used for?

  • Buy Lands, Characters & Treasures in WIDI Marketplace

How to buy WIDI?

There are some cryptocurrency exchanges that you can access to buy WIDI as the below:

How to earn WIDI?

2. What is WSO used for?

  • Build in-game constructions
  • Upgrade in-game machines
  • Purchase items in the in-game marketplace

How to buy WSO?

How to earn WSO?

  • Complete Daily Quest
  • Obtain Achievement
  • Attend special in-game events



widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 13


1. How to stake your NFTs

  • After you bought Lands/Characters, visit My Inventory: https://app.widiland.com/inventory/
  • Click on the “Stake” button, then your NFTs will be transferred to the game
  • Read instruction here.
widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 14
widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 15

2. Benefits of NFT staking

When you stake your NFTs, you will receive the following benefits:

  •  Transfer your NFTs into the game to play
  • Get reward from Spaceship repair rewards


1. How to calculate your Widian Level

2. Important note

How to check Widian Level in DApp?

Click https://dapp.widiland.com/dashboard, you can see your Widian Level.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 17

Widian Level in the game is only updated on the first login of the day. You should stake NFTs first and then enter the game.


If you already have you WSO on your metamask, then on DAPP go to “My Account”.

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 18

Click on “Deposit mWSO” or “Withdraw mWSO”:

widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 19
widiland-nft-game-beginners-guide-to-play-and-earn 20




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