What We Will Have In XCOM 2 Collection Mobile Version?

The best new mobile game of the week: XCOM 2: Collection is out now on Appvn. Let’s find more information about this game and see if it’s worth playing or not. 

XCom 2 Collection Story

Set 20 years after the end of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 has you waking up in a world where you lost at the end of the first game. Aliens conquered the planet and while they don’t rule with quite as iron a fist as you might expect, they are now in complete control over the planet and place no value in human life. The game opens with the Commander from the original game being rescued after spending all these years in stasis. XCOM is still out there fighting the good fight and they need you to lead a scrappy group of rebels to try to take the planet back.

Brilliant strategy game

XCOM 2 is a brilliant strategy game at its core, something anyone familiar with games like Into the Breach or Advance Wars will feel comfortable with. You take a group of troops into each mission and you have to complete a set of objectives and get your troops out alive. That’s especially important because the game features permadeath, so any characters you can’t save won’t be coming back. Since your soldiers gain experience over time and gain new moves and abilities, losing one of your best fighters can be devastating and set you back, not just in that mission but in the ones to come. Keeping your soldiers safe while also pushing forward is a difficult balance to find.

That balance isn’t made any easier by the new mission design which seems primed to drive players crazy. If you like a challenge, you’ll get it here. You start many missions in cover with enemies not knowing where you are until you attack them or walk into their sight. This allows you to set up brilliant ambushes with your team. However, many of your missions are on a strict clock, and even one extra turn of setting up the perfect ambush may mean you don’t complete your objective in time. You’re often forced to choose between keeping your troops safe and completing the mission in a way that feels agonizing in the very best of ways.

The variety of levels and troops is stunning, especially when you take into account that the entire expansion War of the Chosen has been included here. There’s no shortage of content to keep you busy. Between missions you’ll build facilities, harvest resources, recruit troops, and try to keep your small group of troops in the fight. The management here adds a nice layer of depth and you can really feel how this management matters when you get into a fight and the awesome weapon upgrades you spent so many time-saving resources for saves you.

While there’s little question that XCOM 2 is a game that any strategy game lover should experience, the question of whether they should do it on the Switch is a little less certain. The game is a natural fit for handheld mode and playing just a few rounds here and there feels great.

That’s all about XCom 2 Collection. Download the game now to have the most interesting gaming experience. 

Download XCom 2 Collection

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