What Make Behind The Frame The Finest Scenery A Gorgeous Game?

Behind The Frame The Finest Scenery, a subtle and evocate game from Akatsuki Taiwan’s Silver Lining Studio, is now out on Appvn. The game got an 8.5 score on Metacritic. So, why this game got such a high rate? Let’s find out!

“When I was your age, I’d already decided to become an artist. I loved to paint so much. I’d paint all day until I fell asleep right at my easel. And then one day, for some reason, I just couldn’t paint anymore. I tried and tried, but nothing I did seemed any good. They were copies of paintings I’d seen somewhere before … and not very good copies either. I just felt like I’d lost my ability.” That’s a quote from free-spirited artist Ursula in classic anime movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s an appropriate way to open a review for new indie game Behind the Frame The Finest Scenery for a couple of reasons.

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The game begins with its introduction about an aspiring young artist working on the final piece for her gallery exhibition. It’s explained why she worked so hard to make sure this will be a masterpiece. When the pictures start to take shape, you will find uncover an emotional narrative of chance and artistry revealed behind unrelated yet familiar moments.

As the young woman takes her brush across the canvas, she recalls a fateful meeting with a mysterious young man named J, whose identity becomes more clear throughout the story. During each of the six chapters, you’ll uncover clues and solve small puzzles with the gadgets and furniture scattered across the girl’s house.

Behind the frame the finest scenery gameplay

This is a point-and-click adventure-style game, which you gesture by click on the screen to find the answer for each puzzle, and unravel the behind mystery.

In Behind the frame, out of all the puzzles, the most challenging is where you’re required to paint specific missing spots on pictures. You see, you can’t just paint over a random corner and expect the game to accept your input. You need to take out your sketchbook, which is accessible on the bottom right of the screen, and pay close attention to how the picture looks based on the clues you’ve found, This way, you know the color and spot you’ll need to paint in.

Art Style


This game’s art style is definitely inspired by Studio Ghibli’s animation. You really can’t miss the Ghibli influence that has seeped into Behind the Frame, like water colours into paper. The aesthetic is the most obvious tribute, with the game featuring intricate, hand-animated visuals that call to mind the works of Ghibli’s most iconic filmmaker, Miyazaki Hayao.


Behind the Frame is Ghibli-esque in other ways as well. The game is mellow, heartfelt and unrushed. Characters are unruffled by unnerving events – maintaining a cheerful disposition when people in reality would suffer a meltdown – and players are encouraged to find both beauty and pleasure in ordinary everyday moments, like making a cup of filter coffee, or listening to the rain beating down outside. Combined with a soothing, easy-listening score, and pitch-perfect ambient sound, Behind the Frame is practically ASMR at times.


Behind the Frame The Finest Scenery is certainly a beautiful game. From its vibrant and chill atmosphere to the gameplay, I enjoyed every moment of it, which left me surprised by its short runtime. The music across all six chapters and the engaging story that sits behind every puzzle flow naturally together providing a seamless experience. For a laidback and whimsical game, Behind the Frame can bring out the artist in all of us.

Behind the Frame The Finest Scenery free download now

So that all for Behind the Frame The Finest Scenery review. Hopefully, you will find its relaxing and cozying while playing this game. 

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