What are the best teams for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail?

Having a healer can help any team in Honkai: Star Rail and Natasha can provide enough sustain to keep everybody alive even in the toughest fights. Below is the best teams for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail that you shouldn’t miss.

What are the best teams for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail?

Fighting tough enemies in Honkai: Star Rail is almost impossible without some sort of means to keep the team alive. Tanks and Healers provide damage mitigation and health regeneration (in some cases, both) to prevent anyone from taking lethal damage while making sure players are on-track for flawless clears.

Natasha might seem underwhelming to some, but as the only 4-Star healer in Honkai: Star Rail as of launch, many players usually won’t get any other choice unless they’re lucky enough to get Bailu. Thankfully, the kind doctor of Belobog’s Underworld packs a mean punch and healing that’s potent enough to cover both single-target and AOE needs. Nat is an excellent all-rounder, and players can’t go wrong with having her occupy a team slot.

Honkai: Star Rail Best Teams for Natasha

What are the best teams for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail? (1)

As a healer, Natasha is useful in literally any team. Her main job is to keep everyone alive through the proper use of her Skill and Ultimate while also generating enough Skill Points for carries and other Support units. However, there are a couple of noteworthy things to consider regarding when to pick this Healer as well as some interesting synergies players might want to know. Here are a few characters that work especially well with Natasha.

  • Arlan – Natasha’s healing becomes much more efficient when targeting allies who are below 30% HP, thus giving her unexpected synergy with Arlan. This 4-Star Destruction unit uses HP instead of SP to use skills, and the lower his health is, the harder he hits. A single use of Natasha’s Skill on a low-health Arlan can keep the DPS carry alive over multiple turns since it will stack with his own built-in healing mechanics. Plus, this combo is Skill Point positive, which means the other two members of the team can spam their abilities more often.
  • Sushang – Natasha and Sushang synergize together by virtue of sharing the same damage type. Using them together against enemies that are weak to Physical DMG means Sushang will be able to break Toughness bars more frequently, resulting in Sushang dealing more damage via her Skill’s ability to deal more hits when used against a Broken enemy. Natasha becomes especially strong in a Sushang comp when her E6 bonus is unlocked.
  • Jing Yuan – Crowd Control is one of Jing Yuan’s biggest weaknesses—if he can’t move, then neither can his Lightning Lord. Natasha can cleanse negative effects from him to make sure he can stay in the fight. This interaction is especially useful to know when building a hypercarry comp with this character as the main DPS unit.

When to Pick Natasha over Bailu

What are the best teams for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail? (2)

With the very limited number of Healers in Honkai: Star Rail’s release version, many players tend to consider Bailu as the superior choice over Natasha since she can heal multiple teammates at once with just her Skill. However, there are some use cases where Natasha is better.

When fighting against debuff-heavy enemies like Kafka, Cocolia, and various Ice DMG Elites, Natasha is going to be the better choice. Unlike Bailu, she can cleanse DoTs and stun effects, which means she can be an excellent fit in hypercarry comps or in teams where March 7th isn’t the primary tank. Natasha’s healing isn’t as potent as Bailu’s, but she can keep the ball rolling, so players can resolve combat faster.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now on PC and mobile devices. A PlayStation version is coming soon.