What Are Latest Games Releases On Appvn?

Welcome to the roundup of the latest games that went live in the Appvn or were spotted by us in the week. So without further ado, let’s go!

Whether you’re looking for the best games of quality or are simply looking for the latest free-to-play gacha titles, you’re covered in this list of the latest game releases on Appvn.

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Soccer Manager 2022

It’s that time of the year again. As the footballing seasons restart ahead of the 2021/22 campaign, as do the football simulation games. Soccer Manager Ltd is one of the many football game developing groups that just released the next instalment of SM, and we’ve been lucky to get our hands on an early look.

Last year’s game featured a very long starting menu, which you could scroll down through, showing things like league tables, an overview of the stadiums, etc. SM22 ditches that idea and condenses everything into smaller components that all fit onto one main screen. They’re looking to build a game that strives for ease of play and they’re heading in the right direction!


Tohu honors a very specific adventure game lineage. No, we are not speaking of the SCUMM golden age—that flicker of time in the mid ’90s where companies like LucasArts churned out indelible, Disney-like journeys through emerald desert islands and haunted mansions.

Tohu does not offer lyrical Schaferish dialogue, an intricate narrative, or a 30-hour playtime. Instead, it brings to mind the brief point-and-click revival of the early 2010s, where all of a sudden, indie developers started cranking out wonderful budget brainburners like Machinarium and Professor Layton like they never went out of style.

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NFL Clash

Somehow Nifty Games has secured access to the NFL license, and so NFL Clash offers 120+ known NFL players playing under their team brands. More or less, this is a fast-paced management game where you’ll build your team to then take on 5-minute matches against other players.

Legend of Treasure

Legend of Treasure is a roguelike action game that is easy to play but hard to master. You must control and position your character in the right place to dodge attacks. While stationary, the character will automatically engage in combat against enemies. Positioning is key to prevent your character from taking damage. Meanwhile, you will be able to immerse yourself in an enchanting world and enjoy beautiful graphics.

Stray Cat Doors2 

If there ever was a game that drew me in, just based on the graphics and whimsical atmosphere alone, it was Stray Cat Doors.

Now, the second game made it to the Switch via the same route: it has already been out on iOS and Android for quite some time. The description of Stray Cat Doors2 states that more content is added to the idea of escaping from the stage you are at.

Cave Shooter

Cave Shooter is a very straightforward idle shooting game where you set out on adventures that involve a lot of shooting and running. As the player, you become the hero tasked with defeating the evil tribe that has attacked your homeland. However, when you are not fighting, you can construct buildings. Constructing buildings allow you to perform activities related to Talents, Adventures, Forge, Pets and Hunting.

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Undead World: Hero Survival

Undead World: Hero Survival is a brand new survival strategy RPG where players will explore a richly developed, visually stunning world full of unique characters. The game will require players to collect, equip, and upgrade their squad of heroes to prepare for thrilling battles against the likes of zombies and fellow survivors with fearsome abilities who aim to rule the wasteland of the undead world.

33RD: Random Defense

33RD: Random Defense is a tower defense that comes along with many others that they are using that board with a series of squares in which our units are placed, or what would be the defensive turrets of other games.

The main difference of this new title for Android is the randomness of unit location that we are generating, since we will not be able to place them manually; Unless we merge two of the same type to leave the one that interests us the most because of the square it occupies.

Final Gear

When it comes to look, Final Gear has it all. The game has stunning graphics and beautiful renderings of 3D maps. The gaming experience of Final Gear is highly entertaining as well as intriguing. The story is exceptional, the visuals are great, and the gameplay is ideal for the genre. With a large number of characters, a highly appealing shooting style, and a growing community, it’s a game worth devoting your time to – that is, if you love mechs!

Horror Brawl: Terror Battle Royale comes from Keplerians Horror Games, a studio that pumps out scary games. As you can tell by the title, Horror Brawl is a battle royale game. Basically, it’s a Fortnight clone, offering similar cartoony graphics, but there’s no building. What’s nice is that the horror theme is appropriate for Halloween, though the title is stuffed with in-app purchases.

Castle Craft – World War has been released globally and is now available on both Android and iOS. It is a real-time PvP strategy game where your skills decide the outcome. It has been developed and published by RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON Inc.

Sun Machine has partnered with Hollywood film studio Legendary Entertainment to bring mobile gamers a smashing new action game, Go BIG! Feat. Godzilla vs Kong. Based on the hit film Godzilla vs. Kong, the casual title lets players rampage around the Titan Battlegrounds as part of either “Team Godzilla” or “Team Kong”, because who wouldn’t want to create havoc as one of the most iconic Titans ever?

Rank History shows how popular Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat is in the Appvn, and how that’s changed over time. You can track the performance of Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat every hour of every day across different countries, categories and devices.

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Chess Clash is the latest release from Miniclip, and even though this is a simple chess game, it’s packed with in-app purchases, illustrating precisely why this game was developed. Since this is a new multiplayer release, most matches are against bots (there’s no player base yet) despite this being a rerelease of an older game. A perfect opportunity to shove more ads into the title, which is exactly what Miniclip did.

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