What Are Best NFT Games To Play And Earn 2021?

Finding some NFT games to play and earn? If so, this topic has all you need. Here is the list of top and new, and where to play nft games!

With high grossing and users skyrocketing, NFT games are all the hype lately. Through a bunch of NFT titles released this year, we sorted out 9 outstanding names that we believe the best NFT games to play at present. What are they? Let’s find out in this topic!

Where To Download NFT Games?

Wondering where to play nft games free? The best answer for you is Appvn!

Download and play NFT games 2021 play to earn free has never been so easy. With Appvn, one of the biggest game platforms for Android, you can download and play every hottest and latest NFT games, you can also update new versions of each NFT.

How To Download NFT Games On Appvn? 

Step 1: Click on this link, you will see Appvn interface like the picture below

Step 2: To access full list of NFT games, move mouse pointer to the right panel of screen. There will be a list of game categories.

Step 3: Scroll down, find “Game NFT” Categories. Click on that cate

Step 4: There will be full list of NFT games appear. Scroll up and down to find your fav games.

Step 5: While you already found your game. Follow these steps to have that game on your phone.

– Click on the exact NFT game you want in that list.

NFT game you want will appear on screen, below its name, there are four option for you, all you need to care is “change log“

– Click on “Change log” to get the download link list. Choose the newest version on those link (based on the date included)

Or if you want a more easy-to-use interface and faster, download Appvn app version to access the hottest NFT games 2021 play to earn collection.

Link download Appvn app: https://appvn.com/android/download-appvn

List Of Top 9 NFT Games


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Axie Infinity is one of the top NFT games which draws heavily from Pokémon: you have a team of 3 creatures called Axies with various skills, which you battle with, against either computer-controlled opponents or other real-life players.

In Axie Infinity, players buy, breed, and pit monsters called Axies against each other to win in-game currency—called small love potions—that can be exchanged for fiat cash. This business model is known as play-to-earn, where players earn crypto rewards for playing a game.

More details:


How To Play Axie Infinity Apk Android For Beginners?


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RPG game incorporates Overlord, what is more exciting than that? Overlord World proud to be one of the pioneers to integrate the two hottest game genres in one. 

Overlord World introduces players to a youthful planet rife with tribal warfare from the dawn of civilization. Any monarch of each nation desires to extend his territory and conquer additional territory. They are accompanied by the energies of ancient forces, which are manifested in each Pet that joins them.

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EGGRYPTO is a crypto-based game. The game is built and run on the Ethereum blockchain. You have to hatch eggs, from which certain monsters are going to spawn. These monsters act as NFTs. Meaning, you can collect and trade them on the blockchain with other players.


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Splinterlands is a trading card game that runs on the Hive blockchain and interacts with several others, and it fits the Play to Earn philosophy perfectly.

Originally called Steem Monsters, this trading card game allows players to battle monsters in exchange for rewards.

Players can level up cards by combining two or more of the same card. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the in-game token, can be earned by winning battles, selling cards, or other in-game activities.


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Coin Hunt World game is a free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT mobile Geo-location game. Players explore their real-world area searching for Blue Keys, which are then used to open Blue Vaults.

When a vault is opened user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded. Currently, users are rewarded in Bitcoin or Ethereum as well as in-game items such as Cubies, and Resources.

Coin Hunt World Game – How To Play And Download?


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Crypto Shooter – Hit Bubbles and Save the Babies! is a free android play to earn game published in the Puzzle & Word Games list of apps, part of Games & Entertainment.

You will play as a sparrow finding a way to help his babies who are stuck inside the bubbles. And there also zombies to wait long for tearing the babies.

You will need to match 3 or more crypto bubbles to pop them. Legendary power balls may appear on any level which can help you clear the field and reach the babies faster!

More than 5 maps and 100+ levels, each level offers unique and challenging problems to solve!


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Coddle Pets is more than just a fun collective NFT game. Besides collective, breed and raise your beautiful dragons, staking a new generation, you can also collective rewards and earn money with all your achievements.


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War of Ants is a real-time PvP mobile strategy game fueled by war. Each player takes charge as the queen of their ant colony and must compete with other colonies throughout the world through conquest and trial by combat.

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Binemon is a virtual pet NFT game that offers RPG elements where players collect and trade eggs. Players can collect rewards and pets in the game to train, fuse, or sell them using the built-in marketplace. In addition, claiming true ownership of video game items is possible through blockchain technology.

So, that’s all for the best NFT games to play. If you have any recommendations, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below!

For more and upcoming NFT games, check out this link!


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