What Are Best Games For Fan Of Turn Base Combat?

Turn-based combat isn’t for everyone, but somehow this game genre still attracts a lot of gamers. For fans of the genre, let’s check out the best turn-based combat games. Turn-based combat has been around since the early days of RPG and strategy games since it allowed players to focus on carefully assessing their situation and making the best choice. This worked well because it didn’t rely on split-second reaction times as it would in real-time games. Today people are usually split in their opinions about games with turn-based combat, as real-time gameplay has taken center-stage. However, there is still a large number of gamers who enjoy this design choice and don’t mind taking their time during battle.

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Dragon Quest

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Dragon Quest brought us along on an adventure that we won’t forget for a while. While it does have the generic JRPG trope of branding your character as a hero who is the only one capable of saving the world, the world that you are tasked to save is worth it. Filled with memorable characters and locations, this game is a fun time all around.

The combat in this game is turn-based in a classic JRPG style, so those who prefer that over real-time combat will definitely enjoy this game.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

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If you ever wanted a strategy game in which you control an organization dedicated to protecting the earth from an alien invasion, yet your trained soldiers tend to miss the aliens’ heads from point-blank range, then X-COM: Enemy Unknown is the game for you. All jokes aside, this is a fantastic management game in which you have to think strategically both in and outside of combat. The combat in this game is turn-based, where each character gets their own individual turns, during which they can move, use skills or attack.

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Chrono Trigger

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When talking about RPGs, and especially JRPGs, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Chrono Trigger. The simple explanation for this is that it is just that good of an RPG, having the status of an absolute classic among many. It is a very well-made game from the SNES era, having the standard turn-based combat system with attack bars that have to fill up before you can attack. What makes the game even better is the replayability it gets from having a whopping twelve different endings depending on your actions.

If you’re searching for a game to play with turn-based combat, you can rest assured that Chrono Trigger would be far from a bad choice.

Tales of Crestoria

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Tales of Crestoria is the first Tales Series to be made into a turn-based RPG for mobile. The game follows an entirely original plot, which is something not familiar and seen from other Tales series franchise. This is why the players’ expectations must be managed. Nonetheless, fans of the Tales series are in for adventures that will reinvent the classic format of role-playing games into a new concept.

LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

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Experience the world’s favorite mini-figures and sets in a never-seen-before setting and turn-based RPG systems. This game is not the best out there but it is simple, fun, and worth the time investment to advance and rank. Given that it is LEGO, it might come across as too childish. But it does offer a different experience when playing RPG while waiting in an office or during a long commute.

Hero Wars – Fantasy World

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The Archdemons are in rebellion ending the long-time peace in the enchanted lands of the Dominion. Hero, come and slash the evil away and restore peace all the while reliving the best moments of online turn-based RPG from your iOS or Android device.

Exos Heroes

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Ride the ancient airship and go on a quest to search for “Exestruk,” the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon! Get ready for fiery intense battles alongside characters like the ancient dragon Bitru and treasure hunter Zeon in this fantasy world. Get lost in an adventure with this turn-based RPG that boasts great systems like no other.

Chaos Rings III

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The battles within the game follow the classic Square Enix fashion and are 100% turn-based. This makes this game reminiscent of classic RPG mobile games we have seen during the genre’s early days. Venture to planet Marble Blue and discover treasures to fulfill your wildest dreams with this turn-based RPG for iOS and Android.

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If you play chess, this game should have that sense of familiarity. The gameplay is simple – each move has to be calculated and thought-of in each turn to get the best play in the round. The game is teeming with so many RPG elements that each choice becomes complicated while having so many options for the game to choose from.

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Turn-based RPG may be a rookie in the role-playing game genre but it does offer quite an impressive selection. And since it has been introduced, there really is no shortage of the type of theme or narrative it can offer. No offense to dungeon crawlers and other game genres out there. With turn-based games, you can go for fantasy, pre-historic, and even anime type of games. Reinvent your classic role-playing game to new experiences and concepts with this selection of turn-based RPGs for Android and iOS now!


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