What Are Beat Em Up Games Like Hero Fighter? Where To Play Free?

Are you finding more games like Hero Fighter? If so, this topic is for you. We rounded up top 15 beat em up games that resemble Hero Fighter (include download link). Check out this list and dive into the best bloody fights. 

Hero Fighter is a beat ’em up game created by Marti Wong, who was one of the designers of the anthology series game Little Fighter. The game wasted Wong 7 years to develop and received a lot of positive comments from critics. With its success, Hero Fighter quickly became a cult classic in the fighting genre. For those who felt in love with this game so much, and finding something alternatives, there are other games out there with enough similarities to appeal to fans of the beat em up games. No further ado, let’s break to the list of best games like Hero Fighter. 

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Beat em up games like Hero Fighter

Kung Fury: Street Rage

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There really isn’t much to say about beat em up games Kung Fury: Street Rage, other than that it can be a fun little distraction to sink your free time into. The game sees you take control of Kung Fury as he wallops, kicks, and shoots an endless wave of Nazi goons, racking up combos and points as he does so. You’ll encounter a rather limited selection of enemies in your quest to beat the ever-living snot out of people, from pesky footsoldiers to emotionless killer robot thingies.

The gameplay is fun enough for a short while, and those more dedicated to learning the tricks and flow of the release’s combat – that is to say, the release, period – will no doubt be clambering over themselves to try and top the offline-only leaderboard’s wacky cast of characters for hours to come. Less die-hard players, however, will feel more at home passing the controller around a group of friends and watching them struggle as they try not to immediately panic and lose all focus on the task at hand.

Double Dragon Trilogy

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Double Dragon game is such a great choice for those who love nostalgia.

This is one of the arcades beat em up games like hero fighter that made it all popular. While other series have taken the formula and offered a better product, Double Dragon was one of the first successful ventures into cooperative gameplay and using the enemies’ own weapons to bash their heads in.

Stick Fight

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Stick Fight: The Game is a goofy couch multiplayer game about stick people battling it out in absurd platforms. It is a game about dying every few seconds under increasingly ridiculous circumstances: toppling pillars made of boxes, conveyor belts with lasers, cannons full of snakes.

The level changes after each round. It requires basically no gaming skill because it’s not a fair game. It’s got stupid physics. Random stuff happens constantly. However, everyone still loves it!

Dan the Man

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Talking about beat em up games, especially games like hero fighter, we can’t miss out on this title. Compare to other games on this list, Dan the Man is centered more on character and character development. That’s how we see every character in this game is so memorable.

This game is fun with the purest kind, blended with classic platforming and sprinkled with a sense of humor. 

Comix Zone

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Comix Zone is one of the action-packed beat em ups and single-player games developed by Sega Technical Institute. The game comes with a well-written story that features Sketch Turner along with a freelance musician who both live in the fictional New York City and works on Comix Zone.

The game also features the interaction between the alien faction threatens the world’s existence and the New World Empire, which acts as Earth’s defenders. Comic Zone is presently available for iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded for free.


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ChronoBlade is a big, violent brawler that sits squarely in the mid-core range of mobile entertainment, although you shouldn’t let that put you off too much. The game resemble a lot to Hero Fighter X.

It looks gorgeous, there’s plenty of punching, and four different characters to choose from as well. No, it’s not perfect, but then you never thought it was going to be, right?

It’s a blunt object. A powerful force. It’s a smashy-bashy blob of silly chaos that you sometimes feel like you’re in control of. And, it does exactly what you want a game like that to do.

God of Highschool

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Have you ever watched or read The God of High School? If so, this game is totally made for you. Classified as an action manhwa adaptation, the game features a mixture of high school stories and some battles between the Asian folklore gods.

Also, the game adapts the adventures of the character who’s believed to be the reincarnation of Sun Wukong (monkey king). The story is then turned into a thrilling mobile action game. Just like most beat em ups, this game is offered in versions that are compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. This can also be downloaded for free.

BlazBlue RR

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BlazBlue RR is another popular mobile game that belongs to the beat em up games like hero fighter group. This is a simple game but enjoyable.

The game uses the side-scrolling fighting game platform and comes with two game modes. Also, the game’s story mode focuses on fighting enemies and completing challenges. The competitive mode, on the other hand, enables the players to fight against each other as well as with other people by using the WiFi battle option. Just like the other popular beat em ups, BlazBlue RR is available for free download.

Beat Street

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Beat Street is among the first beat em ups to come with an intuitive set of single-touch controls. Just like most beat em ups, this game is offered with story-driven gameplay and features impressive pixel art. Moreover, the game allows you to take on the role of a character committed to help the citizens of Toko City against the evil gang members roaming the streets.

To do this, you need to rely on your fighting skills and work hard to become the new hero in town. Also, Beat Street is currently available in versions suited for iOS and Android devices for free.

Punch Quest

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Punch Quest is an endless runner, placing you in the ever-moving shoes of a hero punching his way through an unyielding torrent of monsters. You’ll tackle foes with simple two-tap gameplay. Hitting the left side of the screen uppercuts and slams opponents downward, while hitting the right performs a forward-dashing jab.

As you progress you’re building a meter of three special attacks, purchasable with the punchos (points) you earn each level. Each special attack is unique. They’re as varied as temporary invulnerability, hadouken-like punches or increased enemy spawns.

Punch Quest brings us to the end of beat em up games like hero fighter list. If you have other recommendations, don’t hesitate to tell us on the comment section below. 

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