Update Time: New Games Of The Week On Appvn For You

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Appvn this week. No further ado, let’s go!

Soul Land Reloaded 

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This is a real-time action RPG with various heroes and tough enemies. In this game, you will recruit heroes and battle enemies, compete with other players in epic cross-server fights, build the strongest guild and challenge the most powerful Soul-Beast with your friends!

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Dawn of Dynasty 

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Dawn of Dynasty is a clone of Rise of Kingdoms. The Han Empire is on the verge of collapse. Ambitious warlords rise to power, claiming cities and land for themselves. You must recruit powerful generals, raise an invincible army, and expand your territory to reunify China!

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Hyper Drift X: Online Multiplayer Racing 

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Hyper Drift X is a slick online racing game that offers futuristic racing similar in style to Wipeout and F-Zero. There’s an abundance of tracks to race on, 50 to be precise, plus there are a few modes to choose from, including a campaign, a season, and a track of the day.

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GOD5: Tank PvP

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Combine the thrill of a dice roller bet and BIG, BAD, TANKS!, that’s GOD5: Tank PvP. In this game, you will choose a set of 5 battle tanks for dealing damage to your opponent each round! Let’s place bets on your tanks, and win a big payout of MASSIVE attacks to defeat other players!

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Drop Battle: 1v1 PVP

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Drop Battle is an online PvP game where you’ll merge falling blocks in order to combine and grow their displayed numbers in a mashup of 2048 and Tetris.

People and The City

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This game is generally fantastic. It’s visually gorgeous, from the storyline to the people. Relaxing beautiful city builder with NPC’s you get to know better as your city grows. Mostly single-player right now, but you can make friends and help them out a little. Resources are plentiful at first, but get scarcer later on. But that’s what I expected and it’s fine. This game is online only and f2p friendly.

Break & Build

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Break & Build accurately describes precisely what this game offers. You’ll break down walls to build structures with the resources you gained by shooting projectiles at said wall. It’s a simple setup that anyone can pick up and play, and since this is a fresh release, there are no ads or in-app purchases yet. Break & Build is currently a completely free game, so there’s no harm in checking it out if you enjoy casual one-handed games.

Friends Shot: Golf for All 

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This is a turn-based competitive game, and also offers a story mode as well as a real-time multiplayer mode. Collect Kakao Friends characters, gear them up with the latest golfing equipment, upgrade their skills and challenge rivals in 1v1 real-time multiplayer golf matches!

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Beatstar – Touch Your Music

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Beatstar is a music rhythm game similar to mobile games like Tap Tap Revenge and Deemo. Like most rhythm game’s you’ll have to purchase tracks if you wanted a well-rounded library to play through. Beside that upside, the game still offer a lot of great features that will give you the best gaming time.

Legions War: Art of Strategy

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Legions War: Art of Strategy plays similarly to tower defense games, but instead of destroying towers, you’ll take down armies of baddies. It’s a casual button tapper, where you’ll tap on the units to send to the field as well as the upgrades you want to utilize to gain an edge during battle.

Make ‘Em 

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This is a game that popped up in the last few months, so it isn’t brand-new, but it sure is a quality WTF contender. You see, this is a silly game where you’ll manipulate body parts and faces, and it leans on the pervy side for sure, where you’ll message bikini-clad ladies, amongst other things (though things luckily never go too far, this is a game rated for teens). Basically, you’ll bend and contort human models to fulfill the demands of the game, which can get pretty goofy, a perfect reason to list Make ‘Em as AP’s latest WTF release. Plus, check out the game’s icon. It’s disturbingly strange, which really sums up this title.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins – A Mystery Game

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Let’s have some mystery vibe with Doctor Who. You play as an unnamed character who comes across a lost phone, and before long you make contact with UNIT operative Petronella Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver). Together, you need to unravel the mystery by scouring the phone for clues and interacting in various ways to uncover the truth.

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